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Your story, His glory.

A display of His glory, that’s what the story of your life, is.

Like a tapestry, woven by a master weaver,

Like a piece of sculpture crafted by the finest of artisans,

Like a book written by the most talented of authors,

Like masterpiece composed by the most gifted of composers,

This is the very way the Father appreciates you

And by His estimation, your life is beautiful in every way.

Because when He looks inside you, to the innermost part of your being,

When He looks outwards to the part most people see and hate or love,

When He remembers your name or the number of hairs on your head,

He remembers the purpose that required your creation.

The reasons why not just planet earth, but your tribe in particular, cried for a son.

Why you had to be born at the time and place you where born.

Why you had to grow up the way you did,

What He has done so far and why you are still a work in progress

He knows how far you have come, He also knows how far you are yet to go

Like a book, He’s read you from start to finish

And because the days of your life are spread out before Him thus,

Because He set the plot, He knows the sequence, down to the minutest details

Every detail; woven, crafted, composed and written by His very hands,

When it seems life is a puzzle and you are merely fumbling through the motions,

He nods in approval, like a connoisseur tasting fine wine.

His heart leaps when things go according to His original blue print for your life

But His heart breaks when you stray from His plot of this beautiful story called your life.

However, because He is your maker, He knows the details of your design.

And because He loves you, He‘d fit the pieces of the puzzle together

Every experience, every encounter, is piece,

Either sent by the enemy to mar you

Or by the Father to make you the man He always knew you’d become

In the end, let His grandest scheme be achieved in your life, let your story be His glory.

– anonymous (op is not the original writer, na so i receive am, and I’m blessed by it. So this is me sharing from my blessing!)

Happy Easter in advance

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