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Children's version bible stories:  Heavenby Sharla Guenther

Have you ever wondered about heaven?  Where is it?  What it’s
like?  Who lives there?  The Bible talks a bit about heaven and God
has given us some hints about what it will be like.  However, a lot of it
is still a mystery to us because God is still preparing a place for us.  At
least that’s what Jesus told his disciples before he went up to heaven.

He said he was preparing a place for us with many rooms or mansions. 
Which makes me think that if God created the world and everything in and around
it in six days, how amazing will heaven be if he’s taking longer than
that?  If you can think of a beautiful mountain, waterfall or even the
prettiest flower you’ve ever seen and think of a place even more amazing than
that, I think that’s what heaven will be like.

God can use whatever he wants gold, diamonds and amazing things we haven’t
even seen on earth.  Maybe that’s why the Bible doesn’t give us a complete description
of heaven because we wouldn’t even be able to understand how amazing and
beautiful it really is.

We can talk more about what heaven is like later.  First we should talk
about how we can get to heaven and what are some ways we can prepare to go
there.  Don’t worry you don’t need to pack a suitcase.  In fact, God
specifically says that we shouldn’t spend all our time on earth trying to
collect a bunch of things because we can’t take any of it with us.

It might seem strange that we won’t need any of our things like our favorite
doll or toy truck or even a change of underwear!!  God will give us
everything we need plus much more.  We won’t even be bored in heaven
because God knows what we need and he’s getting it all ready for us.

We still haven’t answered the question about how we get to heaven. 
Actually one of Jesus’ disciples named Thomas asked Jesus: We don’t know where
you’re going, so how can we know the way? (John 14:5)  Jesus
answered: I am the way, the truth and the life no one comes to the Father except
through me.  This might sound like strange directions but what Jesus was
saying is that if you believe the Bible and believe that Jesus died and rose
again for you, then you believe in the truth and He will bring you to Heaven.

Not only that, the words God tells us in the Bible will help us in life right
now and are like a map that will lead us on the right path and then eventually
to Heaven.  For example Jesus says that by helping others by feeding them
if they’re hungry, visiting the sick, giving clothes to those who don’t have
much, and even by visiting people in jail or who have done things that are
wrong.  When we do these things it’s like we’re doing it for Him. (Matthew

By helping others now, God will give us a reward in heaven. (Matthew
One of these rewards is a crown.  The Bible says that
the Lord will reward each person a crown of righteousness when we get
there.  Imagine your very own crown!

The best part of all is what heaven will be like. Most of this is written in
the last two chapters of the Bible.  It says that God will wipe every tear
from our eyes and  there will be no more death, sadness, crying or
pain.  Everything will be made new again!  You won’t be able to get
hurt anymore and there won’t be any fighting or hitting or crying EVER! 
That sounds pretty neat.

It also says that there won’t be a church or temple there because the Lord
God Almighty and Jesus are the church.  Instead of going to church to learn
and worship God we just can go right to Him.

The city of heaven won’t need a sun, moon or lights because God’s glory will give
light to everything.  Plus there will be no night time there (I think that
means no more naptime or sleeping)! It gets better!  Nothing bad will ever enter heaven either.

The Bible tells us a little about what it will look like.  It talks in
Revelation about the city walls and how they are decorated with precious
stones.  The wall will be made of pure gold and then 12 different kinds of
beautiful stones will cover and decorate it.  Some of these stones we don’t
even know about on earth and other stones we wear in rings and necklaces and are
worth a lot of money.

There will be twelve gates and each one will be made of one humungous peal
bigger than you!  On top of that, the streets will be made of gold!  I
can’t even imagine how amazing it will be.  No dirt or dust just shiny
beautiful streets and walls filled with different colored stones reflecting the
light from God.

The only tricky part before we get to heaven is how we move from this world
to this amazing place.  If we believe God, that He died and rose again,
need his forgiveness and try to live the way God wants; then God writes our name
in the book of life. (Philippians 4:3)  Everyone who
believes and accepts Jesus will go to heaven and live forever there.

Then there are two ways we can move to heaven.  The first way is if we
die and the second way is when Jesus comes again while we’re alive on
earth.  The thought of death can be scary (for grown-ups too) BUT, if we
keep reminding ourselves how great heaven is maybe it wouldn’t have to be so

That second way we can go to Heaven is called the second coming.  When
God decides it’s time for everyone who believes in Him to come to heaven he is
going to come get us.  It says in the Bible that nobody will ever know when
this will be and he will come and we’ll all know and see Jesus.  There will
be angels and trumpets and it’ll be very exciting for all those who believe.

As you can see, heaven is going to be a big party and a fabulous place to be
with God who made us and wants to reward us.  God loves us even more than
our parents and promises to take the best care of us.  He hasn’t forgot us
either, he says three times in the last chapter of the Bible that Jesus is
coming soon and to keep doing what is right and holy.

Heaven is a wonderful place!

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