The Power of Hope – A Review of Adenike Oyetunde’s Adénìké: Your Story, Your Movie, His Glory


Book Title: Adénìké: Your Story, Your Movie, His Glory.
Author: Adenike Oyetunde
Year of Publication: 2019
Number of Pages: 223
Category: Autobiography

The New Year is here and as usual the New Year is filled with hope, joy and motivation to achieve all that you wish for, but since 2020 was a year of difficulty and a time of distress, our souls need hope for 2021. Popular Media Personality and Lawyer Adenike Oyetunde’s inspirational story embedded in an autobiography and self-titled book Adénìké, shimmers with pain, love and hope.

Adénìké is at once heartbreaking and heartwarming, recounting the ups and downs of Adenike Oyetunde’s life from tears to triumph.

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Oyetunde is able to bring us into her world as the autobiography begins with Oyetunde’s early life and goes through her battle with cancer in great detail. At the age of twenty, studying law at the University, Oyetunde was diagnosed with Osteogenic Sarcoma, a cancer that starts in the bone. Through months of harrowing treatment, she is forced to have one of her limbs cut off but she never lost her will to follow her dreams.

Oyetunde writes about how her life changed after the diagnosis and throughout the book, we watch as she grapples with pain. The warmth of Oyetunde’s personality comes out through her writing. It reveals a woman of bravery, strength and her struggle to come to terms with everything that life throws her way.

The heart of the eye-opening book is a description of the agonized months during which Oyetunde’s parents tried everything in their power to halt the spread of her cancer, from seeking help from pastors to visiting a native doctor. This profound and honest book reads like a television drama full of melancholy.

As she reflected on her experiences, Oyetunde keeps the reader continually engaged and drawn into her world by placing never-before-seen photos (from her archives) chronologically within the text.

In the end, the readers are inspired by the extraordinary courage of Adénìké, providing motivation to never give up.

You will feel inspiration wash over you as you read this book, filled with hope you can use to overcome challenges and achieve fulfillment in your life.

About the reviewer

Titilade Oyemade is a business executive in a leading organisation and holds a degree in Russian Language. She’s the convener of the Hangoutwithtee Ladies Event and the publisher of Hangoutwithtee magazine. She spends her weekends attending women conferences, events and book readings. She loves to have fun and to help other women have the same in their lives. Email: [email protected] Social: @tiipree

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