The History of Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]



From the first e-mail to the domination of Facebook, social media has come a long way, baby.

Here’s a visually organized look at the past 30 years or so of social media history, from Usenet to AIM to Friendster and beyond. This particular infographic comes with some fun facts; for example, did you know that the first version of MySpace was coded in just 10 days?

Whether this is a walk down

memory lane or entirely new information for you, we hope you’ll enjoy this infographic, which was created by You can also check out our infographics on Facebook facts, online dating and our general obsession with social media.

In the comments, tell us where you set up your first “social” online account and where or when you think social media truly began.

Lead image courtesy of Flickr, rishibando.


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