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Welcome to the tattoo studio at Grit N Glory!

Founded in 2014 by renowned tattoo artist and TV personality Megan Massacre,
we are a one of a kind lifestyle spot.
Bringing you a combination of specialty custom art, style, culture,
girl power, and that laid back, feel-good, rock N roll vibe.
Each of our artists are specialists in their styles of tattooing,
and all pieces are custom designed especially for you, the client.

We pride ourselves in knowing that we provide top-notch, quality work
that is unique in ability and an over all experience that is fun, friendly
and unmatched.
When you’re here working with us, you’re not just our clients,
you are part of the Crue.
With a balance of tradition and innovation, we seek to
exceed our clients expectations of what can be done with the art of tattooing.
With that being said, we welcome you. 🙂



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