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Thanks to all who took part in the inaugural Prospect/Franco-British Council prize for a short story of under 1,000 words inspired by France, which was awarded in May by an illustrious jury including Julian Barnes, Ian Rankin, Bonnie Greer and our own ex-deputy editor, William Skidelsky.

Congratulations, in particular, to the two winners: Sarah Collier of the University of Salford (in the undergraduate category) for “The Face,” and Caitlin Hart of St Paul’s Girls’ School (sixth form category) for “Heat.” The standard of writing was, Barnes noted, “very high,” with entries “creating believable and quirky characters—a real achievement in under 1,000 words.” All the stories can be read for free on our website, and are divided into two sections for the undergraduates and sixth formers respectively. The other prizewinners were Daniel Bird, Kitty Wheater and Rachael Allen (second and third-equal places, undergraduate category) and Edith Sinyard and James Gibson (second and third places, sixth form category).

Prospect are delighted to say that we will continue to support the prize next year. Full details of the winners, entry conditions and the future of the competition can be found here. As ever, your comments and feedback are very welcome on this blog.


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