Short Stories – Flying Glory and the Hounds of Glory


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Vince hurried off to seat the next waiting group while one of the Vito’s wait staff stepped in and mentioned the prix fixe dinner for the evening. “Each dinner will come with Giantassio-Style Italian Wedding Soup, salad with the house Italian dressing, pumpkin risotto, lasagna, stuffing with Italian sausage, and roast turkey. Tiramisu will be for dessert.” “It all sounds

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“Oh great,” groused Lucy. “We’re out of school, but we still get to eat dinner with our principal!” “Not like you ever get in trouble,” Krystal pointed out. “What have you got to complain about? Debra and I have landed in detention before.” “When he told us he’d bring a friend, I had no idea, honest,” John said, in a

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Debra arrived right on time. She wasn’t known for being terribly early, and honestly wasn’t always prompt. However, she looked forward to getting together with her friends so much that she didn’t want to let them down. She arrived to find John, Lucy, and Krystal already waiting outside Vito’s Italian Restaurant. Debra felt bad they’d be eating in front of

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Debra went to bed that night with her mother still having not returned. She awoke the next morning, completely not surprised to see her mother asleep on the couch. Part of her felt a little that her mother would be alone on Thanksgiving while Debra went out with her friends. Her mother wouldn’t be with Grandma Elsie either, but Annie

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Debra quietly made her way to the fire escape landing on one of the older buildings in Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo with a shop on the ground floor. The fire escape placement conveniently was next to the bedroom of her friend Nate Tsushihashi, currently winding down physical therapy after being attacked at a concert. With Debra as the intended target,

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“What about Cyrus, then?” suggested Lucy. “He always seems to be alone. Maybe we should stop by the office and see if he’ll come along. Did you bring your truck, John?” John shook his head negatively. “Nope, we flew. I suppose we should offer to him as he’s been good enough to help promote us. Deb, what do you think?”

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“And now she thinks she can put words in my mouth!” Lucy said as she put a hand on her hip. “No! It’s not like that at all! I just saw it as a potential issue.” “Do you want to come, Lucy?” John asked. Lucy looked back over her shoulder a minute at the apartment, then back at Debra and

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“Actually,” John finally said with a bit of an embarrassed cough. “I wasn’t thinking of just us. I’d heard Lucy complaining that her father and stepmother both have to work on Thanksgiving.” Debra felt sad that Lucy’s family had to work, especially her stepmother working at the Heroes chain. She wondered why fast food stayed open on such a major

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“Totally get it,” Debra heard John interrupt, to thank fully break the tension. “My family’s volunteering passing out clothes and gifts in a low-income neighborhood. I’ll see it to it Debra’s not left alone. You have my word.” Debra saw Elsie relax. “You always have her back, John. I’ve never told you this, but I’m so grateful for how much

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Debra watched John nervously look down at Los Angeles spreading out below him as they headed toward Culver City, where Debra’s grandmother, Elsie Carmichael Stokes, lived. “What do you think?” Debra told him, looking in his sweet and yet slightly petrified eyes. “Isn’t this amazing?” “Um, yeah, it is,” he admitted. “But I don’t know how much longer I can

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