Old Glory Texas.


Old Glory mural in Old Glory Texas
A mural in downtown
Old Glory
courtesy Jack Williams, Nov 2002
History in
a Pecan Shell

1880: Loosely formed community of scattered settlers

1904: German settlers start to build Brandenburg.
1909: The Stamford and Northwestern Railroad builds
a spur through the area.
Town at the tracks becomes known as New Brandenburg – Brandenburg
becomes Old Brandenburg
1917: Anti-German sentiment or a desire to show loyalty prompts
a name change to Old Glory
1918: Name becomes official
(See July
14, 1918 – “Old Glory”
– History cartoon by Roger T.
1920s: Prosperity
1930: local schools consolodate and a new building is built.
School also serves as community center.
1950s: Drought contributes to a population drop to 175 from
a high of 275 in 1929
1990: Population is given as 125, but is said to be estimated
at 60
2000: Population is estimated at 100

Old Glory Tx - Post Office 79540

The former Old Glory Post Office, TX 79540
courtesy Barclay
, December 2008

Texas - Old Glory former Post Office
Photo courtesy Jack Williams, Nov 2002
Texas - Old Glory Post Office
The present Old
Glory post office

courtesy Jack Williams, Nov 2002
More Texas
Post Offices

Texas - Old Glory High School

Old Glory

Ghost town of Rayner
nearby has old rock Stonewall County courthouse.

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