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Annual, Easy to grow vine, this is an amazing plant that was refined in 9th century Japan. Jere’s favorite vine, colorful and so easy to grow!

The Japanese Morning Glory Pot festival, called Iriya Asagao, began in the Meiji period (1868-1912) after a gardener planted morning glory flowers in various parts of Iriya. The morning glory pot festival was revived in 1948 and is currently an extremely popular display of over 120,000 morning glory plants! The vendor displays consist of easy to carry pots, morning glories that have been trained to bush through routine pruning, in an astonishing a variety of colors and patterns with a small and sometimes decorative cage around the plant. Growing morning glories in pots is the perfect way to enjoy a variety of stunning morning glories near your home or on

a patio. Training them to bush is extremely easy! The select strain of morning glories that we offer from Japan aren’t as invasive or weedy as their wild counterparts and do not produce as much seed. We were inspired by this Japanese tradition and had our own Morning Glory pot festival in a small space in our greenhouse. 8″ pots were used with 5/16″ x 48″ dowl rods that were cut in half and placed at four points into the potting soil. Very flexible 25lb galvanized steel wire was used to create horizontal training wires periodically up the rods and were decoratively wrapped up and down the rods. The morning glories were incredibly easy to train around the wires and rods creating an amazing explosion of blooms in a tidy compact area.

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