Meghan and Harry latest – Duchess ‘shocked’ by US election criticism as Harry ‘looks ready for another baby’


MEGHAN Markle is “shocked” by critics who say she’s wading into US politics and feels telling people to vote “shouldn’t be controversial”, an insider has claimed.

Last month, Meghan and Harry were slammed for “interfering in US politics” and telling voters to “reject hate speech, misinformation and online negativity” in what the Duchess described as the “most important election of our lifetime”.

Writing for ElleFinding Freedom co-author Carolyn Durand said the Duchess has found the criticism “difficult” and feels her comments are “no different” to messages from other public figures.

A source said: “[Meghan] thought she was saying something relatively uncontroversial, which is people should get involved and vote.”

Meanwhile, a body language expert has claimed Prince Harry “looks ready” to have a second baby.

When Harry discussed fatherhood with BLM activist Patrick Hutchinson, Judi James said: “He mistakenly thinks Patrick has two children but Patrick corrects his to inform him he has four kids. Harry’s non-verbal response is almost explosive as he drops the empathetic ‘I’m a dad too’ face and converts to an expression of almost childlike surprise, wonder and shock.

“Harry’s signals of shock and surprise do hint he’s not yet considered the idea of being a dad several times over, although his excited eye-smile does seem to suggest that he might be very happy at the idea and even keen to promote it.”

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