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The Russell Wilson trade rumor from two years ago that just won’t die shouldn’t have even been a story to begin with. Yet, here we are…

Seriously, how did we even get to this point?

Loosely reporting a trade that was supposed to happen two years ago, and obviously, never actually happened, is the easiest way to send people into a frenzy this day and age.

People get duped by fake accounts, others make up news for revenge.

But now, this “Seahawks could have traded Russell Wilson to the Cleveland Browns in 2018” train needs to come to a complete stop.

Here and now.

But, let’s examine how we even got to this point?

It all started with Chris Simms, a former quarterback who is now affiliated with NBC Sports and, who set this train in motion.

“I had heard a rumor from some people I trusted a few years ago,” Simms said, “that Seattle called Cleveland when (the Browns) had the No. 1 pick and there was this rumor going around the NFL that they offered Russell Wilson to the Browns for the No. 1 pick that year.”

But, Simms also claims, “I never followed up, but I just know that I had people telling me that was something people were hearing. But now we’re two years down the road, three years down the road and I think the Seahawks have totally flipped the organization to where it is all about Russell Wilson to where he was untradable now and I think he was even then.”


This could be the biggest story of the NFL Draft and you don’t follow up on it?  If it had any credence of being true, it’d be worth following up on and reporting on.  

The train is really beginning to pick up speed now.

Then, last Thursday, NFL analyst Tim Hasselback was on the Will Cain Show in Seattle to share more insight into the situation.  

“Told by people in the organization that would know, I think the comment was, ‘Hey, we’re look ing at some players in that draft,’” Hasselbeck said, “and some of the players they were looking at I was surprised because of where they were picking. It was like, ‘Well, why would you be looking at these players?’ Basically it was going to be an effort to get a bunch of picks and obviously move way up and Russell Wilson would have helped make that happen.”

The train is roaring now! All pistons firing! 

The train reached full speed Thursday when as posted an article giving credit to Simms, giving the story more legs. 

That’s when Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd laid into the Seahawks front office for letting this “news” get out and by now honoring their franchise player.

Cowherd’s point is that no matter what, the organization needs to be in lockstep and support their franchise player. But, Cowherd feels like the Seahawks have done a disservice to themselves and to Wilson.

“In the last two days, two stories: We wanted to trade Russell [Wilson] and why not bring in Cam Newton. Absolute nonsense that Russell Wilson once again has to deal with this crap!”

So, here we are. The rumor express is at full speed now, and everyone is on it.

If Russell Wilson was going to be traded, it would have been before his extension. As of now, he is the highest-paid quarterback in the league with an annual basis at $35 million a year from the 2020-23 season and has a no trade clause in his contract.

So let’s all come together and stop this train from continuing on and on when the rumors don’t hold water and were otherwise seemingly a tactic by the Browns to generate value and buzz into their pick.

Thanks for riding the rumor express train. Watch your step as you disembark. 


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