March 2018 – Stories for His Glory



“–Without a shadow of a doubt, my family has been my number one source of God’s presence in my life.” Even before I personally accepted Jesus as my personal saviour, my parents used principles from His word to keep me in check in my day to day moral conduct. God has continued to protect, bless … Continue reading Family Matters Testimony: Malumbo

Before I knew God’s heart, I saw the work of His hands in the life of my Father at a very young age. When I was nine years old, my father had a brain aneurysm and was in a coma for about 6 months. I remember my mom cooking for the whole week and having … Continue reading Standing Firm in Faith: How the Lord got My Father Back on His Feet

  In the month of March, Family Matters. “But those who won’t care for their relatives, especially those in their own household, have denied the true faith. Such people are worse than unbelievers.” (1 Timothy 5:8 NLT) Walking in faith and spreading the love of God starts within our homes. How has God transformed your … Continue reading Family Matters: Intro

“Angela, Fun, delightful, unique. God’s breaking you out of comfort. You’ll begin to do things delightful and tasteful to the LORD. I see you as a warrior with a sword. FIGHTER. You’ll be faced with many challenges.

but God has given you the necessary tools you’ll need to OVERCOME. New Levels, New Glory. Begin to … Continue reading New Levels, New Glory (Summer 2015) – UrbnDisciple Feature

Introduction In October of 2015, our relationship came to a sudden end. We didn’t understand why we had to break up nor did we want to, but we knew it was what God wanted us to do. As time progressed, God gradually revealed to us the reasons for our break up. Seven months later, we … Continue reading Enjoying the Season of Singleness: The Breakthrough After the Breakup (Spring 2016)

I wanted to share with you all habits I personally struggled with last semester, along with habits I believe other students may constantly battle with. I pray that this post enlightens and encourages you to break from habits that are hindering your academic success! And that your summer is full of reflection, rest, and growth … Continue reading Academic Intentionality: Habits Prohibiting Academic Excellence (Summer 2017)

I named Summer 2017 “Take Care”, because I wanted to seek wellness holistically, in spirit, mind, and body. I needed a revival in my spirit. Coming out of the spring semester, I was not at peace with myself and I felt like I disappointed the Lord and everyone around me by not being my best … Continue reading “Refinement, Realignment, Refocus” – Summer 2017 Experience in SHPEP


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