Map of the world from the story “Black Iron’s Glory” : mapmaking



This is based on details I picked up during a readthrough of the web novel “Black Iron’s Glory.” It’s a Chinese story published on the web, translated in English.

I made a (quasi-)hex map previously (you can see it here), but changed to a 19th-20th century design. Though it’s a fantasy story, the society is undergoing an industrial revolution, so a more “advanced” time period seemed a better choice.

I ended up scouring a bunch of different maps from the 1800s-1900s for inspiration,

but the one I liked most (and tried to copy) is this one: “Russia in Europe in the nineteenth century

It’s still a bit of a WIP since I can’t figure out how to get mountains to look nice – maps from that time period used these “centipede” mountains (not sure what you actually call them, but that seems to fit) that I haven’t been able to replicate.

Any feedback is appreciated!


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