I just want to work hard, take the glory ahead: Indian Idol winner Pawandeep Rajan


Ever since his spectacular win on Indian Idol season 12 in August 2021, Pawandeep Rajan is the toast of the town. The singer, who has been chosen as the cultural ambassador for his home state, Uttarakhand, talks about dealing with Covid while competing on the singing reality show, the uncertainty of pandemic times, his career and the projects in the pipeline

Q. The pandemic has disturbed human life in a very big way. What did it teach you?

Our country has been fighting the pandemic for almost two years now. I was myself diagnosed with Covid-19 while shooting for Indian Idol and was immediately put under quarantine. Those 18-20 days of being in a room all by myself weren’t easy as I was fighting the infection and still competing at the same time. I performed two episodes of the show from my room. It was tough. However, after I recovered, I realised that Covid can happen to anyone, but one should not be scared and get demoralised, but rather keep fit and fight.

Q. Going ahead, how do you visualise your musical career during Covid times?

If the situation remains as it is now, I will continue to do virtual gigs where all the band members will perform from a room with sound engineers and people can listen via Zoom. Having said that, I believe that our country will soon resume to normal.

Q. You have been named the brand ambassador of your state, Uttarakhand, for tourism, culture and arts. How do you plan to promote these aspects of the state?

I am deeply honoured to have been chosen as the brand ambassador for my state. To promote culture and tourism there, we are planning to shoot songs at some of the unseen locations that will highlight the beauty of my state. Also, there are many small villages where vehicles don’t go, but are really scenic and people outside the state would love to visit. We will shoot in all such places.

Q. Covid has affected practically every person. How will you contribute in spreading awareness about the disease and preventive measures in your state?

It’s probably too early for me as I have just been on a public platform and still need to learn a lot. But I believe people of Uttarakhand need to keep their surroundings clean, avoid crowds, get vaccinated and follow all Covid protocols and guidelines strictly to be safe.

Q. You acted in a film, FU: Friendship Unlimited. Do you wish to explore a career in acting too?

No, I am not thinking of a career in acting. But if I am offered roles in movies, I’ll consider myself lucky. Besides, today, singers come out with their own albums and feature in them. I am also working on those lines.

Q. Winner of Voice of India in 2015 and then Indian Idol in 2021. What are you eyeing next?

There’s no reality show that I am competing in next. But I feel fortunate to have won these shows. The wins have made me more confident. I just want to work hard to take the glory ahead. I have two big projects coming up. The first one is a musical series produced under the banner of Octopus Entertainment. The series will have 20 songs that I have sung with Arunita Kanjilal (Indian Idol 2021 runner-up) and we will both also feature in them. We have finished recording the songs and the shooting is set to begin shortly in Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. The second project is under wraps currently.

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