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Honor and Glory – they’re not just Mike’s brand new knuckle tattoos, they’re the subject of this 90s martial arts movie that’s so magically inept it borders on the surreal. It’s like a child’s finger painting of what a big 90s action movie should be, except with much less innocence and way more hair grease, unmotivated rage, and “dime-store pimps” involved in major nuclear arms deals. In short, we really love this movie.

The story, as far as we can tell: two sisters, one an FBI agent (played by martial arts World Champion Cynthia Rothrock), the other a news reporter, both of whom are really into kicking and punching — don’t worry, they go out of their way to clarify which sister is Honor and which one is Glory — are out to take down the villainous Jason Slade. Jason Slade is the richest, most

powerful man in the world, despite the fact he looks like a buff 14-year-old and does business from an office that an HR manager at a regional bottling plant would find insultingly small. On his side is the world’s greatest bodyguard, who is such a blatant imitation of Beverly Hills Cop-era Eddie Murphy you’ll find yourself waiting for that song to kick in every time he’s on screen.

All that, and so much more to love. We didn’t even mention the hammock-jumping! Treat yourself right, sit back with Mike, Kevin, and Bill and savor the glory that is, well, Honor and Glory!

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Conor Lastowka – Senior Writer 
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Contributing Writers: Mike Schuster, Jason Miller, Molly Hodgdon and Joseph Scrimshaw


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