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Iron plate without rusting.


Parthasarathi Temple main entrance.


Parthasarathi temple inside.

Parthasarathi temple is one of the most beautiful temples of Jaradagada where God Parthasarathi is being worshiped since 1440. There are different opinions regarding the beginnings of this temple. The unanimous opinion is that this lord was being worshiped on Mahendragiri and was brought to Jaradagada by the king of Jarada. The king was blessed by the lord and there was smooth running of his kingdom. According to writings of Late Bhima Panda (father of Mr. Basant Panda, the Pujak or worshiper of that temple) during the rule of king Purusottam Dev there was a war between Purusottam Dev and king Bisambar Singh of Ali. In the war Bisambar Singh was defeated and dethroned. Mani Singh, one of the sons of king Bisambar was killed in the war. Bisambar escaped from his kingdom to save his life. He left for the south part of Odisha. He stayed at Mahendragiri to save his life and worshipped god to help him. It is said that he got the Darshana or sight of Lord Parthasarathi. In the meantime Purusottam Dev was in an expedition to Kanchi. He had a camped on that mountain and Bisambar knew it. He discussed about this with his son. In the long run they  decided to meet Purusottam Dev though he was their enemy. After hearing everything from the king Purusottam Dev crowned Birabhadra son of Bisambar and took with him in his expedition. On the other hand old Bisambar spent his life by worshiping the deity and died. In the course of time after the victory over Kanchi Purusottam Dev made Birabhadra the king of that locality and he served the people smoothly. At the very beginning of his rule he faced the opposition of a Tribal leader called ‘Jarasabar’. It was very difficult to counter him, so he took shelter of god Parthasarathi and with the blessings of the lord he defeated him. But according to last desire of that leader the kingdom was named as ‘JARADA’. Later on the capital of Jarada was established at Ambuagada. In 1440 the deity of Parthasarathi was set up. In 1665 king Pitambar Samanataray established the SARATHI PALACE which was made the capital by Krushna Chandra Samanataray in 1759. He established the Parthasarathi Temple. According to some sources Bisambar got the sight of the lord in INDRARANYA and there got the deity. On the other hand Birabhadra Singh son of Bisambar Singh got the direction from god in his dream to take him and worship. So he did accordingly. The unique feature of the deity that he is not worshipped anywhere in India expect in Jaradagada and Chennai.


The Glory of the god Parthasarathi cannot be described in words. The Parthasarathi who has kept the supreme wheel in his hand is always ready to saves his devotees who are in right path. People from far and near come here to fulfill their MANASIK or desire. It is said that the dumb child can utter if he goes there. The childless couples are blessed with a baby child with the blessings of the god. It is said that seeing Parthasarathi is seeing lord Jagannath at Puri. Parents perform Mundan or embald their children here. The deity is the deity of the people. He is the ARYADHA DEVATA of the local people. The people of this locality take the name of this deity at the beginning of their work , journey, cultivation and study. The glory, the power and the supremacy of the god cannot be described by us human beings.

Folk tales

There are number of folk tales related to the deity Parthasarthi and Jarada.

Some of them are

-At that time wars were always going on between different kingdoms. The war started between the kings of Chikiti and Jarada due to some reason. Number of soldiers in Chikiti was more than that of Jarada, But due to the grace of the Parthasarathi Chikiti King was defeated repeatedly by the king of Jarada. After that the Chikiti king stole the Idol of Parthasarathi from Jarada. Jarada king gets depressed after knowing this. He compromised with the king of Chikiti to get the deity back. He left some area of his kingdom. But king of Chikiti demanded more area and refused to return the deity. Then the king of Chikiti dreamed of the deity and got frightened. That night he travelled towards Jarada with his companion to return the deity. But when they reached near the Gundicha temple of Jaradagada, It started to dawn. So they threw the deity in the pond and left that place. After that the deity came in the dream of Jarada king and said that his idol is inside the pond where the water looks red color. Immediately the Jarada king rescued him. The Little finger of the deity had been broken. So the king made a finger of gold for the deity and started worshiping. The Jarada Matha is still in Chikiti and water of the pond looks red color. People called it as ‘Neliabandha’ (red color pond).

-Nobody knows that in which material the deity of Parthasarathi is made up of. To know that, a painter who had been engaged for the coloring of the deity saw the running down of blood from the deity due to a small scratch and surprised. The painter got frightened and he informed the king. The deity had also informed the king about the incident in dream. Both the painter and the king came to the deity and surrendered themselves. Both prayed him to forgive them.

-It is believed that there is a link between Nandighosh rath of Lord Jagannath, Puri and Parthasarathi of Jaradagada. Local people of Jarada say that Nandighosh moves after seeing the portrait of Parthasarathi by Sevak (panda) of puri. If any obstacle faces in Jarada then it is also reflected at Puri and vice versa.­­


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