Health: What’s Your Glory Story?



Welcome to the evolution of Lost & Found: Ladies in London! I’m delighted to be relaunching this MeetUp under the new name ‘Glory Stories’.

Following a similar format, this event will give you the opportunity to turn up and share a story from your life. It can be something you’ve experienced, something you’re currently experiencing, or perhaps something you’re anticipating… whenever it happened, wherever it happened and however it’s making you feel. The key is what makes it glorious.

If you have a naturally glorious story to share, brilliant! We can’t wait to hear about it. If you need a little help, don’t worry. All we ask is a willingness to reframe your story in a group setting, so you might benefit from seeing things differently. Everyone is encouraged to participate, and to offer advice – sensitively and where appropriate.

This week’s theme is HEALTH. Have you been through a challenging time that’s resulted in acts of resilience you never knew you had? Did you ‘fail’ at kicking a habit, only to find success through an alternative method? Or maybe you found the courage to reassess, resulting in uncomfortable changes that ultimately led to a better life. No story is too big or too small to be heard.

We will be hosted by SecondHome in Spitalfields, in their beautiful Study. Refreshments are not provided due to this event being after-hours, so please bring with you anything you might need. As always, come with a friendly smile, a willingness to engage and a story to share on this week’s theme. I encourage you to arrive on time, to make the most of the evening. People will be invited to speak in order of arrival.

I look forward to hearing the glory in your story!



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