Hamad rides Electra B to Amir Sword glory


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Hamad Nasser al-Qadi combined well with Electra B to win the Big Tour title and along with it the Amir Sword in The Amir Sword Equestrian Festival at Qatar Equestrian Federation’s outdoor arena in Al Rayyan last evening.

Hamad and the 11-year-old chestnut mare Electra B clocked the best times in the Table A, Two rounds against the clock, Art. |135/145cm class in jumping.

He clocked 78.54secs and 56.79secs in two rounds with just with four faults to win a cash prize of QR65,000 and a luxury car along with the prestigious Amir sword.

Nasser al-Ghazali riding Quel Home, was the runner-up with 12 faults and rounds of 80.19secs and 57.63secs. He took home QR21,450 in prizemoney.

Saeed Nasser al-Qadi completed the podium with a third-place finish on Andreas SPB Z and won QR17,225.

Hamad was pleased with his effort and praised the standard of the event.

“It was a very tough event with several talented riders in contention. Thank God that I got a good result. It was a hard-fought win and I am proud of that.

He also praised his horse Electra B profusely.

“Electra is always ready for a competition and I was hopeful of finishing in the top three with her but I’m thankful to God for helping me emerge on top.”

He also spoke of his thrill and honour to receive the Sword from HH The Amir. “It’s such a great feeling to receive the Sword from HH the Amir. This is the first time that I am winning the Amir sword. It’s a huge motivation for me.”

Hamad and other riders will be back at the Longines Hathab Qatar Equestrian Tour where he won the Big Tour title last year.

“I am doing well in the Hathab competition. I’m second in the points tally of the Big Tour right now and we still have three rounds to go. I think and hope that I’d still be on top at the end of the series (12 rounds),” he said.

The Small Tour was won by Mohammed Abdulla Juma, astride Lucratief. Although he put in a flawless performance, he felt lucky to have edged the others.

“Even though the winning margin was quite big, the competition was much harder than it looked. Everyone was in fine form and pushed me hard.

Meanwhile, Cyrine Cherif emerged best in the Medium Tour.

“It was a technically good course and I am happy my horse was in good shape today. We worked hard for the win,” she said.


Big Tour

Table A, Two rounds against the clock, Art. |135/145cm | Prize QR65,000 + CAR

1 Rider: Hamad Nasser al-Qadi; Horse: Electra B; 1st Day Faults: 1; 1st Round Faults: 4; Time:78.54secs; 2nd Rd Faults: 4; Time: 56.79secs; Total Faults: 9; Prize: QR21,450 + Car

2. Nasser al-Ghazali; Quel Homme; 4; 8; 80.19secs; 0; 57.63secs; 12; QR21,450

3. Saeed Nasser al-Qadi; Andreas SPB Z; 1; 4; 76.89secs; 8; 53.85secs; 13; QR17,225

4. Mohammed Khalifa al-Baker; Verona; 11; 4; 83.67secs; 4; 55.63secs; 19; QR11,700

Medium Tour

Table A, Two rounds against the clock, Art.

| 120/135cm | Prize-Money QR45,000 & Car

1. Cyrine Cherif; Horse: Brennus Villelongue; Day 1 Faults: 0; Rd 1 Faults: 0; Time: 75.74secs; Rd2 Faults: 0; 45.19secs; Total Faults: 0; Prize: Luxury car.

2. Kamil Sabitov; Carmen; 0; 0; 76.67secs; 0; 49.56secs; 0; QR11,250

3. Sheikha Fatima Jabor al-Thani; Eddie L Thani; 0; 4; 73.18secs; 4; 54.64secs 8; QR9,000

4. Jaber Rashid Al Amri; Canavaro De Muze (E.T.); 0; 4; 83.55secs; 8; 46.35secs; 12; QR6,750

Small Tour

Table A, Two rounds against the clock, Art. |100/120cm | Prize-Money: QR30,000

1. Rider: Mohammed Abdulla Juma; Horse: Lucratief; 1st Day Faults: 0; 1st Round Faults: 0; Time: 81.12secs; 2nd Rd Faults: 0; Time: 40.08secs; Total Faults: 0; Prize: QR7,500

2. Khalifa Abdulla al-Khalid; Graffiti De Lully CH; 0; 0; 73.45secs; 0; 42.21secs; 0; QR6,000

3. Saad Ahmed al-Saad; Fito R; 0; 0; 82.73secs; 0; 46.83secs; 0; QR4,500

4. Abdulla Rashid al-Amri; Cinderella B; 0; 0; 68.36secs; 4; 41.41secs; 4; QR3,000

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