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Last question that was actually and uh it came from uh a lady who runs a very credible and and uh this lady is in the business of uh rather not in the business, but she’s in uh her her. Their job is basically educating people who are school dropouts and we’re giving them vocational jobs. You know Blue-collar job. she was like who’s forward. There is a demand for blue collar workers wanna come because she says, I’m gonna revise my programs to actually cater to that demand. It is so. Smart you know as you speak in fact we are in this exercise so one of the things that the government does by the way for all investors when they come in, they ask them What is the skill you required and the government brings them on their cost and then gives them to skilled people. So what is now happening with all these new sectors coming in. There’s going to be a lot of skill development, which is required. We are now creating again because we work everything, transparent and digital. We are creating it on the portal by the way. If you go to the ND portal, the national Skill Development Cooperation portal, they’ve already picked up. New skill requirements, which are there and they are funding a lot of private entities which are in the skill development program. So that is what NS DC does also and we are also creating this portal. so our is going to be driven from the demand side. This is going to be driven on the supply side. We’re going to be matching it both together. so for me, it will be companies coming in and they will see that and we’re going to put it all on the portal and so you will see where the new requirements of skills are.

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