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Queen Glory of the RainWings. That’ll be my name in the history scrolls—not Glory the mistake, or Glory the lazy RainWing, or Glory who could never be as good as some nameless SkyWing who died six years ago. I’m responsible for all these dragons now. […] I’ll protect them. I’ll lead them. I’ll make them—us—a tribe we can be proud of. Glory, the queen who chose her own destiny, saved her subjects, and turned her tribe into the greatest dragons in all of Pyrrhia.
—Glory’s thoughts, The Hidden Kingdom



7 years (hatched in 5005 AS)

Glory is a young female RainWing and the main protagonist of The Hidden Kingdom. She is a dragonet of destiny who aided in the end of the War of SandWing Succession and the founding of Jade Mountain Academy.

After the NightWing Exodus, Glory became queen of the NightWing and RainWing tribes. She lives in the Rainforest Kingdom and is currently in a relationship with Deathbringer.


Glory has green eyes[1] and brilliant[2] scales that are dull in comparison to other RainWings’.[3] She has soft wings,[4] feathery ears,[5] a long body,[4] tail,[5] and neck[6] and a long, delicate snout.[7]

Unlike most RainWings, Glory mostly tries to keep her scales from showing emotions[8] and is therefore usually seen with dark,[9] emerald[10] green scales[11] dappled with light[12] and flares of orange around her ears and along the underside of her wings,[9] since she likes[13] them to match the leaves around her[12] and the rainforest she lives in.[14]


Glory is often depicted as snarky, sarcastic (being called the “Queen of Sarcasm” by Tsunami), bold, aloof, judgmental, brave, and impatient with anyone lazy or stupid (specifically, her RainWing subjects). She has been shown to care about her friends, and has become calmer and more composed since becoming a queen. It also has made her respect the peace of the rainforest, as shown when Darkstalker came with the NightWings. However, she refused to shield Webs, one of her guardians, showing that she still hates the Talons of Peace. Clay has described her as beautiful, smart, and unbothered by what others say about her.

Glory is shown to be brave and selfless, insisting on being one of the first RainWings to enter the NightWing Island during the rescue of the RainWing prisoners in The Hidden Kingdom. While not often physically affectionate, she is a brave and reliable friend, often pushing aside her own needs and well-being for that of others. Glory is an intelligent critical thinker, usually considering a problem before taking action, although she can behave rashly and illogically under pressure. She was also mentioned to have an easier time remembering scroll facts than Starflight and is fond of reading and learning. Glory is conservative with her emotions; it was mentioned by Moonwatcher in Moon Rising that a sort of “mental shield” would close around her thoughts whenever she became uncomfortable.

Contrary to most of her subjects, Glory dislikes when other dragons “read her feelings” by her scale color, and as a result, she often tries to avoid changing colors if possible. As the series progresses, she seems to become calmer and more patient with everyone, most likely due to the experience she has gained since becoming the queen of two tribes.


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Dragonet Prophecy
After Burn smashed the original SkyWing egg intended for The Dragonet Prophecy and killed its carrier, Hvitur, Webs stole Glory’s egg from the Rainforest Kingdom as a last-minute replacement, insisting that they had to have five dragonets for the prophecy. He had gotten in trouble with Kestrel because it wasn’t a SkyWing egg and they could never complete The Dragonet Prophecy with a RainWing.

Six years later, Morrowseer visited their cave to inspect the dragonets. He was disgusted upon seeing a RainWing included in the prophecy instead of a SkyWing and later ordered the three guardians to kill Glory before the next morning. Kestrel was assigned to kill Glory and had Tsunami chained up on the excuse of the SeaWing being the only one who could stop her. Although Tsunami and Glory protested, Clay decided to use the river to escape. Once Starflight and Sunny set Tsunami free with their fire, Tsunami finds Clay and joins him in escaping.

While marveling at the treasure a scavenger left behind, Scarlet arrives and accuses the dragonets of stealing her treasure. They escape and flee back to the cave.

Soon after Clay and Tsunami opened the boulder covering the entrance of the cave their friends were in, Scarlet confronted them, led to their cave by a smoke signal meant to help Clay and Tsunami find their way back. Webs fled down the river while Dune is killed by Scarlet, and the others are imprisoned and taken to the Sky Kingdom. There, Clay, Starflight, and Tsunami were forced to fight in Scarlet’s gladiatorial battles, while Glory was chained and displayed as artwork. Sunny was kept inside the castle in a cage while they were in the Sky Kingdom, though Peril mentions that she is well-cared for.

When Fjord was moments away from killing Clay in the arena, Tsunami attempted to jump off of her prison tower, unintentionally distracting everyone while Glory sprayed lethal venom on Fjord’s neck and face, killing him in seconds.

Later, as Clay was fighting Peril in honor of the Champion’s Shield, Glory shot her venom at the right side of Scarlet’s face, causing the spectators to flee and giving Peril ample time to free the dragonets and aid them in escaping the palace.

After rescuing Kestrel and Sunny, Glory suggested that Peril was possibly their “wings of sky” and the prophecy’s true SkyWing, which Clay eagerly discussed with Peril. Glory felt unwanted and formed a plan with Tsunami to test Clay’s loyalty; later that night, Tsunami woke Clay and pretended that Glory had run away to the Rainforest Kingdom. Clay insisted that they abandon their plans to travel to the Mud Kingdom and meet his family until they found Glory again; Glory then realized that Clay would never want her to leave.

Once the dragonets reached the outskirts of the Mud Kingdom, Glory, disguising herself as a MudWing, volunteered to go with Clay while the others waited near a small waterfall to avoid tribal tension. When Clay met his mother, Cattail, they found out that she had sold his egg to the Talons of Peace for two cows, and therefore didn’t care about him at all. Whilst leaving the Mud Kingdom, Clay was confronted by a group of five MudWings who turned out to be his siblings. Clay learned that he should have been the group’s bigwings. Reed offered to step down and let Clay lead, but he refused, as he still needed to stop the war and take care of his friends. Glory added that Clay couldn’t be their bigwings since he was the dragonets’ bigwings.

Glory was also present when Morrowseer dropped Starflight off during Clay’s speech about finding their lost friend. She then accompanied the others on the way to The Kingdom of the Sea in hopes of meeting Tsunami’s family.

The Lost Heir
While discussing what to do next, Glory and the others saw a SkyWing air patrol scouting the area, probably looking for the dragonets themselves. Glory camouflaged herself on the sand, Starflight and Sunny hid in the nearby forest, and Tsunami dove into the ocean. After the majority of the patrol moved on, Tsunami attacked a soldier in midair and knocked him into the sea. With Clay’s help, she pulled him to shore. Glory felt angrily surprised at Tsunami’s irrational behavior, but they eventually set leaves over the guard’s face before flying away.

Once the dragonets arrived at the Summer Palace, Glory and the others were locked up in one of Coral‘s caves while Tsunami explored the palace. The dragonets almost drowned in a flood in the dungeons, but were freed by Tsunami and Riptide and brought into a comfier cave. The cave happened to belong to Blister, who found the dragonets, convinced Coral to release them and invited them to breakfast.

After angering Blister, the dragonets were locked up in the prison, which was guarded by electric eels. With the help of Anemone, they broke free and planned to escape the Summer Palace. However, SkyWing soldiers began attacking the Summer Palace with dragonflame cacti and flaming logs. As Glory and the others were fleeing, Crocodile, the MudWing that led the troops to the Summer Palace, confronted them. To protect the others from the danger, Glory sprayed venom in Crocodile’s eyes, killing her.

After they escaped, the group decided to travel to the Rainforest Kingdom in an attempt to find Glory’s family.

The Hidden Kingdom
Glory was first shown flying through the rain with her friends. A pair of MudWing soldiers walked by, and the dragonets hid among the fog. After hiding Sunny, Glory left them momentarily to investigate. Hearing a scream from the soldiers’ location, Glory discovered that the soldiers had been killed by blows to their throats. Most of the group was wary about continuing into the rainforest, but Glory and Sunny eventually convinced them to move on.

On the edge of the rainforest, Glory’s friends disappeared from right in front of her eyes. Startled, she looked back up and demanded that the attackers show themselves, and a large group of RainWings materialized in front of them. One introduced himself as Jambu and his friend as Liana, and gestured to the treetops, where their missing friends were hanging in woven leaf nets. Jambu explained that they were rendered unconscious with blow darts and would wake up soon. He led them to the RainWing Village, where their friends were placed on a leaf platform.

As the others were still unconscious, Jambu and Liana explained the purpose of sun time to Glory, and Starflight reassured her that he would watch over her while she slept. When she awoke, she discovered a dozing sloth curled between her shoulder and wing; Jambu explained that sloths were like pets to the RainWings and that this one had apparently ‘chosen her’. Glory was at first hesitant to let the sloth stay with her, but eventually grew fond of her and decides to let her stay. Jambu then took her to see the three RainWing Hatcheries, where all of the tribe’s eggs were raised and hatched together. He explained that the RainWing tribe didn’t have a family system and that RainWing dragonets were raised by the entire tribe.

Glory asked how any RainWing would know if they were related to someone else and Jambu introduced the venom test. In this, two dragons mix their venom, and if one dilutes the other one the two dragons are related. Jambu suggested trying the venom test between themselves, and Jambu’s venom canceled out Glory’s, which suggested that they were probably half-brother and sister.

After the others woke, Sunny told them that Webs’ scratch had gotten worse and that he would need to see a healer. Starflight asked Jambu and Liana for an audience with Dazzling, but Jambu asked if they would rather see the current queen. Glory then learned, to her shock, that six RainWings took turns as Queen, each reigning for one month at a time. Jambu led them to the queen’s treehouse to see the current ruler, Magnificent, where they waited in a line with a few other RainWings. Mangrove, one of the dragons in line, told Glory that his partner, Orchid, had gone missing three weeks ago and that he was again requesting a search party for her. Glory, intrigued, asked if she could watch while Mangrove spoke to the queen, and he agreed. After speaking with Bromeliad, she learned that the RainWing’s student, Kinkajou, had also gone missing, and she suggested that she combine her audience with Mangrove’s since their issues were so similar.

Sunny showed Magnificent Webs’ injury. The queen gave them directions to the healers’ treehouse but seemed uninterested when Glory suggested gathering information about the missing RainWings. Unwilling to do the job herself, she appointed Glory as an investigator.

Glory, Clay, and Starflight went to see Mangrove while Sunny and Tsunami took Webs to the healer’s hut. They found and ask Mangrove for details on Orchid’s disappearance.

He agreed to take them to the last place Orchid was seen, which turned out to be beside a huge fallen tree that was relatively near the village. As they tracked a sickly-smelling trail, the four arrived at a small waterfall where a dying sloth lay, the apparent source of the smell. Looking around, Glory saw what looked like a black hole – or a doorway – on the side of a boulder.

After showing the entrance to Clay and Starflight, Glory speculated that it had something to do with the missing RainWings. They agreed that Starflight would return in the morning with a plan, the strongest vines they could find, and the rest of their friends. Sending Starflight and Mangrove back to the village, Clay and Glory settled near a large tree to watch the pond and the tunnel for the night.

Around midnight, they heard loud stamping, sniffing, and snorting. Something moved near the pond and proceeded to eat something, then slithering back into the hole. When the sun rose, all that was left of the dying sloth were a few scraps of fur and blood-spattered leaves.

Once Clay, Sunny, Tsunami, and Jambu returned with vines, they decided that Glory and Clay would go into the hole, both with vines tied around their shoulders and directions to tug on them if something was wrong. Handing her sloth to Sunny, Glory and Clay stepped into the tunnel. It led Kingdom of Sand near Burn’s Stronghold, but once Glory and Clay returned to tell their friends, Mangrove ran past them and disappeared into the tunnel. Glory ran after him, but he was barely visible by the time she got there. It looked like he was heading to the Ice Kingdom, which meant that that was where they were going next.

After a night of uncomfortable sleep, Glory and Starflight were the first to wake up. Starflight went back to sleep, and Glory took to the air and saw a fortress with smoke rising from its chimneys ahead, presumably belonging to Blaze. She spotted a black dragon, hoping that it was Mangrove camouflaging himself, but then he breathed out fire. There was an actual lone NightWing on IceWing territory.

Suspicious, Glory camouflaged herself as an IceWing and flared up her ruff as an illusion of the IceWings’ extra horns. Confronting him, he explained that he was waiting for “a few someones” and was on a secret NightWing mission. He asked if she’d seen the dragonets of destiny anywhere, and as Glory was flying away he told her that his name was Deathbringer.

When Glory returned to their camp and explained her encounter, the other guessed that Mangrove was hiding in Blaze’s fortress. Taking Jambu with her, Glory scouted the building and realized that they would have to get in through the main door. She disguised herself as an IceWing named Storm, and Jambu as another IceWing named Penguin, claiming to be sent by Queen Glacier. A SandWing offered to take them to see Blaze right away when they asked for an audience with her, surprising both of them. They hadn’t expected Blaze to be lounging around her fortress at that very moment.

Glory told Blaze that the dragonets were here, but that they weren’t willing to risk coming inside the fortress. The princess reluctantly agreed to go outside, throwing a blanket on. While they walked towards the door, Glory distracted Blaze by asking about one of the tapestries adorning the stone walls, which gave Jambu time to grab the camouflaged Mangrove and pull him out the door. Glory and Jambu saw two scavengers shivering in a freezing cage. After they took them outside, they dropped the scavengers on the snow beside the fortress before following Blaze back to their friends.

While Blaze introduced herself to the dragonets, Deathbringer landed behind her with two throwing stars in his talons. He hit Blaze in the neck, and also accidentally hit Tsunami in the wing, before Glory tackled him. When she saw an incoming IceWing patrol with Queen Glacier at its head, she threatened to leave him to their mercy if he didn’t fly away immediately. He left, and after they ensured that Blaze was safe, the dragonets, Mangrove, and Jambu headed for home. After they returned to the rainforest, Glory and Tsunami decided to spend the night in the same tree as the night before (Glory thought that Tsunami’s night vision might be useful). As the thing that came from the tunnel began crashing around their hiding spot again, it was interrupted by someone whistling the “The Dragonets are Coming” song.

Whatever it was, it retreated into the tunnel, and when the whistler came into view, Glory wasn’t surprised that it was Deathbringer. Glory tied him to a tree with vines and sent Tsunami back to the RainWing village to get Clay so that he could watch the NightWing instead. Once Clay came and relieved her shift, Glory decided to use herself as bait: she went alone into the rainforest, eventually arriving at a clearing that was marked with black, harmless stains. As she bent to sniff one of the footprints embedded in the mud, she was knocked out by a heavy blow to the back of her head.

Once Glory regained her senses, she felt herself being dragged down a long tunnel. It wasn’t the one she had guessed – this one sloped downward. One of her kidnappers mentioned how Deathbringer had warned him about the dragonets, but before she could think about this she was knocked out again, only to awake in a prison stationed next to a flowing river of lava. There was a young RainWing in her cell, who introduced herself as Kinkajou. Because of her young age, her talons, mouth, and wings were not bound, unlike the other RainWing captives. Glory communicated to Kinkajou through talon gestures and discovered that the NightWing guards took off her mouth band when she ate. After her band was taken off at her next meal, she sprayed venom towards the guard. He jumped out of the way, but not fast enough.

The second guard fled, but the third retaliated when Glory tried to spray venom at him, pinning Glory to the floor. Kinkajou sprayed venom between his wings, causing him to release Glory, and then shoved him into a ravine. Glory realized that she would never get her bonds off before the second guard raised an alarm, so she ordered the first guard to carry them across the lava river.

The NightWing only responded with a groan, but Clay and Deathbringer showed up just in time for their rescue. However, Deathbringer circled back to join his tribe when they neared the tunnel, as he didn’t want to be punished for helping them. After Glory, Clay, and Kinkajou fought with the NightWing guards stationed at the tunnel, they fled into the rainforest, where Glory spoke with Queen Magnificent about what she had seen. When the queen didn’t seem to care and refused to save them, Glory challenged Magnificent for the RainWing throne, as she knew that she couldn’t save the prisoners without an army. Instead of a battle to the death to become queen, the RainWings had devised a series of challenges that included things such as camouflage, flower hunting, venom-shooting contests, tree gliding, and fruit gathering.

By the final venom-shooting contest, Glory and Magnificent’s teams were tied. Kinkajou, competing against Grandeur, was losing by the end of the tie-breaking match, but a sloth tumbled out of the trees in front of the target board right after Grandeur had spat her venom. Kinkajou jumped up and pushed the sloth out of the way, but Grandeur spat her venom and hit Kinkajou’s wing. Frantic, Glory tried her venom to counteract Grandeur’s, and the melting stopped as their venom met. Grandeur forfeit the contest when she realized that Glory was descended from the original RainWing royal family, knowing that Glory would be a better queen than any of the current ones. Glory was officially crowned the queen of the RainWings, but Clay suddenly appeared with news of Starflight’s disappearance, as well as a guess that he had gone to warn his tribe about the Glory’s plan.

The Dark Secret
In the time that Starflight was trapped on the NightWings’ volcano, he found a dreamvisitor, which he used to contact Glory in a dream to warn her that the NightWings were planning something. When Starflight, (along with Fatespeaker and Flame), returned to their friend’s overjoyed welcome, they discussed the plan to infiltrate the NightWings’ home and rescue the captured RainWings. Glory was worried, however, that most of her tribe wouldn’t be able to use their venom on another dragon, even if it meant life or death. Sunny, though, found a solution by suggesting that the RainWings use their tranquilizer guns and darts to knock the NightWing guards out, which avoided violence on both sides.

After the first wave of RainWings knocked the tunnel’s guards out, Glory took Starflight with her to one of the RainWings’ cages so that he could show her how to unlock them. Glory sent other members of her tribe to rescue any other RainWings that they saw, and to camouflage themselves as NightWings while they did so. While Glory and Starflight were searching for the NightWing ruler, Battlewinner, they found her daughter,

Greatness, snooping around the fortress. Glory ordered Greatness to lead them to her mother, along with the threat of venom if she refused. The princess led them down a small tunnel that led to Battlewinner’s throne room, which was empty except for a huge black pot of lava in the center. When Battlewinner emerged, Starflight told her that she was never going to make it to the rainforest alive and that she should give the NightWing tribe to Glory so that they would not share the same fate.

Battlewinner, seething, refused and flung herself at Glory – but it was no use, as the ice was taking over her body in the absence of the lava. After the former NightWing queen froze to death, the ground started to shake and rumble. Glory and Starflight hastily ran to the NightWing dungeons, where they freed Deathbringer and Splendor with a set of keys found in a coal niche. As they exited the fortress, Starflight told the gathered NightWings that accepting Glory’s rule was the only way to live, unless they wanted to fly over the ocean. Tsunami, stationed at the tunnel, required each NightWing to pledge their allegiance to Glory before she allowed them to pass.

As the last few remaining NightWings fled into the tunnel, Morrowseer threatend them, and the volcano exploded. Clay tried to shield Starflight with his fireproof scales, but he wasn’t fast enough, as the lava had permanently blinded Starflight’s eyes.

The Brightest Night
When Sunny was kidnapped by three traitorous NightWings (Preyhunter, Strongwings, and Fierceteeth), Glory was in a panic, sending out several search parties to find her. When Sunny returned, she explained her capture and how she had finally met her mother, Thorn. Glory was angry but relieved, but she was excited most of all by Sunny’s plan for stopping the war. They would find Blister through the Talons of Peace, Sunny would dreamvisit Moorhen to get a message to Burn, and Sunny would also dreamvisit Blaze. There was a short discussion about who should dreamvisit Blaze, and all the dragonets except Tsunami voted for Sunny.
At the meeting, Glory brought many RainWings disguised as NightWings and SkyWings (as they didn’t have serrated talons like IceWings, webbed talons like SeaWings, square snouts like MudWings, or venomous tails like SandWings, which were the easiest to copy). Glory herself was a SkyWing and points out the irony in replacing the SkyWing in the prophecy, yet appearing to be one when the prophecy was finally fulfilled. At the meeting, Blister gave Burn a box with two dragonbite vipers inside. Burn trapped one under her talons, but the other bit her other foot, killing her, and raced toward the dragonets. While Sunny and Fatespeaker tried to get Starflight off the ground, Clay slammed into them to save Starflight; however, he received a bad wound on his thigh. Glory helped to hold Clay down while Peril burned out the poison in his leg. She also helped to dig up Oasis’s grave to get the Eye of Onyx and the other lost SandWing treasure. The Eye of Onyx was Blister’s demise and the start of Thorn’s reign, effectively making Sunny the new heir to the throne.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising
Although Glory doesn’t make a formal appearance in Moon Rising, she is mentioned by Moon‘s mother, Secretkeeper, as being somewhat unfit for a ruler due to her young and inexperienced age. She was also indirectly mentioned by Kinkajou multiple times when she says she’s friends with a queen.
Winter Turning
Glory first appeared in this book (and arc) when Winter was tackled by Deathbringer in the NightWing village. As she hauled the NightWing assassin off of the young prince, Winter explained that his sister Icicle was coming to kill Glory on Scarlet’s orders. Glory summoned a meeting at the Royal Pavilion, calling a few scouts to report if they had seen anything suspicious. One RainWing mentioned a patch of ice near the Bayan Tree after Moon suggested signs; Glory and Winter prepared to leave, along with Moon and Qibli. Near the tree, there was an unnaturally shaped mound of dirt, which contained a bloodied and frozen NightWing. As Glory realized that Icicle was nearby, she sent the four dragonets to the RainWing Wingery for their safety.
While the dragonets escaped from the Wingery, Kinkajou left a trail for Glory to follow. As Kinkajou and Icicle were fighting in the abandoned Night Kingdom, Glory tranquilized the IceWing with 8 other dragons (7 RainWings and Deathbringer) and took her back to the RainWing village, announcing her arrested. As Winter was arguing with Qibli when the SandWing offered to help save Winter’s brother, Hailstorm, Glory tells Winter that she felt the same way that he did then: that she could have done everything by herself and didn’t need anyone else, but that he would appreciate his friends’ help later on. She reluctantly permits the group to leave, strictly ordering Moon and Kinkajou not to die calling them “two of my favorite subjects”.
Escaping Peril
When Queen Scarlet shouted vengeance at Ruby and her soldiers at Jade Mountain Academy’s entrance, she also hurled a decapitated head at the watching dragons. Sunny and Clay recognized it as Glory’s. Tsunami was furious and went to find Queen Scarlet. She later came to the Talons of Peace for help. However, as Turtle pulled out a curled scrap of paper from the dragon’s ear canal, the head began to shift and grow until it resembled a female MudWing. Turtle guessed that an animus dragon had enchanted the paper to make the dragon appear exactly as Glory, as the paper contained a written enchantment. Later in the book, it is mentioned that Sunny dream visited Glory.
Talons of Power
When Darkstalker visited the Rainforest Kingdom, he challenged Glory for kingship over the NightWing tribe. Instead of the usual fight-to-the-death challenge, Glory decided to let each NightWing decide for themselves which dragon they wanted as their ruler. This easy agreement only added to Turtle’s nervousness, as he guessed that Darkstalker’s spells were clouding Glory and Deathbringer’s greater judgment. Later that night, Darkstalker had a vision of five dragons coming to kill the RainWing queen; after he captured four of them and sent the fifth away as a messenger to Vulture, he created a giant iron prison using a branch. Glory appeared uneasy as the building made its home in her rainforest, but she did not argue with Darkstalker.
Darkness of Dragons
Glory is mentioned by Sunny, as she was dreamvisiting her, and also by Qibli, who said that some NightWings would hate her forever simply because she was a RainWing.

The Lost Continent Prophecy

Glory was likely the “green” dragon seen playing with the other (presumed) dragonets of destiny in the cave looked in upon by Wren and Sky. When a large red dragon, likely Kestrel , comes into the cave roaring at them, she slides into a nook in the wall.

Glory was also the reason the Mountain Dragon‘s fighting arena got disrupted, causing the audience to scatter after she shot venom at Scarlet‘s face.

Glory also could have been the purple dragon that Ivy and Foxglove said they both saw.


She was mentioned by a Sandwing conspirer to Fierceteeth.



Since hatching, Glory has shared a strong bond with her adoptive brother. It was mentioned that he had often given Glory pretty things to cheer her up, and he was willing to risk his life to save her own in The Dragonet Prophecy. Glory trusts Clay completely and thinks of him as honest and kind. Clay was also quick to try and resolve conflicts between Glory and the others (especially during The Lost Heir (book)), and he is always ready to forgive Glory whenever she has been unfair. In the Hidden Kingdom graphic novel, Glory’s scales repeatedly turned pink when Clay was around, hinting she may have had a crush on him before Deathbringer or because of their family love for each other. Even if she did have a crush on him, it is unknown if Clay ever felt the same way, however, Clay was originally written to have a crush on Glory.


Although Glory can become irritated by Tsunami’s prideful nature, she loves her anyway. She knows that she can always depend on Tsunami to protect and defend her, and can often share a laugh with her friend; an example of this was in The Brightest Night where they shared their exasperation over Blaze’s shallow nature, or when they were making fun of NightWings in The Hidden Kingdom. Although the two disagree on many different things, Glory finds that she can relate to Tsunami a lot of the time as well. She admires Tsunami’s courage, but Glory herself is more of a strategic thinker whilst Tsunami usually behaves rashly and without thought. In The Hidden Kingdom Glory was worried about the cut that Deathbringer has caused in Tsunami’s wing.


In The Hidden Kingdom, Glory decided Sunny was better to touch than Webs, even though she isn’t comfortable touching other dragons. Glory was also extremely worried when Sunny went missing in The Brightest Night and held her talons in hers when she was found. Sunny helped break up arguments between Tsunami and Glory by always making it seem like she was on their sides. As with Clay and the others, Glory feels a strong connection with Sunny.


Even though Glory is often annoyed by his know-it-all personality and rambling, she still appears to love him like a brother or friend. She apparently knew about his crush on Sunny and thought he should do something about it. She also shows affection to him on rare occasions. She respects his plans, as she followed his idea of diplomacy in The Dark Secret.


When Glory first met Deathbringer, she was disguised as an IceWing, trying to probe information out of him. Given her personality, Deathbringer gave her more information than what was intended about his mission and then began to flirt with her. Glory was sarcastic with him and did not like his flirting, but he liked her even more because of it and helped her escape the NightWing island. The current status between the two is ‘Bodyguard to Queen’.

In The Dark Secret, Deathbringer described her as beautiful, sarcastic, and fascinating. When Glory was helping him out of the prison, Glory retorted at him, but Starflight saw that she and Deathbringer “exchanged a look that said ‘thank you’ and a whole lot more.” Adding to that, in The Brightest Night, Deathbringer kept flirting with her, which Glory dismissed. He even put his wing around Glory and she let him, which is somewhat unusual given her personality. In Moon Rising, Moon had a vision of Glory and Deathbringer’s possible future having an heir together named Firefly. Whether Firefly is the only child or not is unconfirmed. In Winter Turning, Deathbringer is constantly trying to protect Glory and muttering to the queen when she says she doesn’t need help. In Escaping Peril, Sunny says “Glory has magical death spit and Deathbringer and a whole army of RainWings who would die for her.” It is pretty obvious that Glory and Deathbringer have feelings for one another, and their romantic relationship has been made officially canon by Tui T. Sutherland.


Glory didn’t know that she had a half-brother until she met him in the Rainforest Kingdom. Glory was unimpressed with him at first and thought of him just as ridiculous and silly as the other RainWings. However, Jambu helped her get Blaze to meet the dragonets and nearly beat Exquisite in the tree-gliding competition, one of the five contests that decided who would become the queen of the RainWings. He was only stopped by a vine, possibly used by a collection of Exquisite’s sloths, that wrapped around his neck, nearly strangling him. He appears to be one of her most trusted dragons now, even if he is incompetent. He also makes sure Glory takes her daily sun time, noting that it makes her less grumpy and more recharged.


The small dragonet met Glory when she was captured by the NightWings. She aided Glory in escaping and claims that she’d follow her anywhere, even when Glory threatens to take the throne by force. She participated in the venom targeting part of the Royal Challenge on Glory’s behalf and was injured by Grandeur’s venom. She is later shown in a dream to see Glory as a big, beautiful queen, crowned and welcoming Kinkajou with open wings, while the other dragons stared at her enviously. Kinkajou sees herself as one of Glory’s best friends, and Glory sees Kinkajou as one of her favorite subjects.


Glory didn’t know Tamarin that well (other than Kinkajou talking about her), other than the fact that she was blind. Tamarin seemed confident in front of Glory when she said that maybe she couldn’t do the flower challenge, with Kinkajou later stating that Tamarin had the best nose in the whole kingdom. At first, Glory doubted her abilities, but when Tamarin won the flower hunt in the RainWing queen challenge, she began to see that she was a skilled dragonet, despite her blindness. She also felt compassionate about getting Tamarin a better teacher at Jade Mountain Academy.


Glory first met Turtle when he confronted her about Darkstalker and she seemed to be a little suspicious of the latter but seemed to trust him for the most part. This horrified Turtle and he accidentally lost control of his enchanted coral, baffling Glory. She seems to find him a little odd and weird.


Glory was first mentioned with Moon when she came to the rainforest to look for Icicle with Qibli, Winter, and Kinkajou. They ended up meeting Glory when Obsidian and Bromeliad took them to the NightWing Village, and then to the Queen’s Pavilion. Glory seems to like her, calling her and Kinkajou her favorite subjects.


Glory has a particular dislike for Webs since he brought her to the cave. When they were wandering around the rainforest, Glory was annoyed about how slow Webs was. She doesn’t completely hate him, though-she likes him better than Kestrel, and presumably Dune.

Family Tree

Several Generations
Three Unnamed Daughters Quickstrike Unknown
Jambu Glory Deathbringer
(Possible Future)


“That’s what it was! When we hatched – the guardians didn’t know anything about MudWings, so they thought you were attacking us. But you were trying to help. Your instinct told you to get the rest of us out of our shells. Clay, you know what this means? You weren’t trying to kill us at all”
— to Clay (The Dragonet Prophecy, page 291)

— to Sunny, in the SeaWing prison (The Lost Heir, page 259)

“But I didn’t love it. It was just new and different. A new, different way to be a prisoner and have my life chosen for me. I’m more than a lump of treasure. I guess Scarlet found that out the hard way.”
— thinking about her imprisonment in the Sky Kingdom (The Hidden Kingdom, page 16)

“All right, sure. I’m not in the Great Magnificent Wondrous Dragonet Prophecy. Maybe no one would ever write a prophecy about a RainWing. Maybe no dragon in Pyrrhia expects any of us to have an important destiny or do anything worthwhile. But this? Sleeping all day in a patch of sun? Is that all I’m good for – all any RainWing is good for? There must be more to us than this. There must be more to me.
— thinking (The Hidden Kingdom, page 35)

“I don’t believe in prophecies. Sorry, I know they’re a NightWing specialty, but seriously? If you can actually see the future, why be all cryptic and vague about it? Why not give us a prophecy that’s like, ‘Oh, by the way, Blaze is going to win the war, so give her the crown now and don’t even bother fighting about it”
— to Deathbringer (The Hidden Kingdom, page 117)

“Wow. I’m a queen. Queen Glory of the RainWings. That’ll be my name in the history scrolls – not Glory the mistake, or Glory the lazy RainWing, or Glory who could never be as good as some nameless SkyWing who died six years ago. I’m responsible for all these dragons now. We can rescue the missing RainWings and make sure no more dragonets ever get lost again. Starflight can help me teach them all how to read and write. I’ll protect them. I’ll lead them. I’ll make them – us – a tribe we can be proud of. Glory, the queen who chose her own destiny, saved her subjects and turned her tribe into the greatest dragons in all of Pyrrhia.”
— thinking after winning the royal challenge (The Hidden Kingdom, page 290)

“It’s normal to be scared. ‘I’m scared. You’d have to be crazy not to be – well, crazy, or Tsunami, which is basically the same thing. You just have to push that aside and do what you have to anyway.”
— to Starflight (The Dark Secret, page 238)

“I’ll just say this. We’re going to save our fellow RainWings, and we’re going to make this rainforest safe, and we’re going to do it like real RainWings. And by the three moons, try not to talk or sneeze or fall asleep in the tunnel on the way there, all right?”
— to the RainWings, about invading the NightWing island (The Dark Secret, page 241)

“We’re taking our prisoners back. You will never set foot in the rainforest again. You will leave the RainWings alone forever. We’ll destroy the tunnel between our kingdoms, you’ll call off the invasion, and we’ll never even sniff another NightWing near our village for the next twelve generations.”
— to Queen Battlewinner (The Dark Secret, page 258)

“Good news: Four of your students have gone off to find a dragon who just tried to kill you, in order to find another dragon who has tried to kill you about ninety dozen times. Oh excellent, thanks, Turtle. Now we don’t have to worry at all. I mean, we were ‘hoping’ somebody would take care of the vengeful and deadly Queen Scarlet for us. Preferably a bunch of five-year-olds. Very reassuring indeed.”
— to Kinkajou (Winter Turning, page 52)


  • Glory has a pet sloth named Silver and is one of the eight dragons confirmed to own a pet.
  • She is the first character in the series shown to challenge a queen for the throne.
  • In Moon Rising, Glory is found to initiate a prickly instinctive “shield” around her mind when uncomfortable, doing the same with her scales, to hide her emotions.
  • Glory is the first of the two known queens to rule over two tribes.
  • Tui had originally planned to make Clay have a crush on Glory, although it didn’t work out.
  • She is the second known queen chronologically to ascend to the throne without killing the previous queen, due to the unique structure of the RainWing royal challenge.
  • Glory’s head was an available item on Roblox as part of a promotional event. While the item is still viewable, it is no longer obtainable.[15]
  • Glory is one of the three RainWings who currently know how to write, the others being Kinkajou and Chameleon.


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Glory from Scholastic HomeBase (Speed Wings and Venom Victory)


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