Glory Holes Seattle, WA – Last Updated June 2020


  • Pony


    “ specifically for us in the city. However, I felt weird going in the bathroom (the one with the glory hole!) bc it was unlabeled but the other bathroom said “gender neutral”. But the gender neutral bathroom was locked all night! I didn’t get it.” more

  • The Elliott Bay Book Company


    “Beautiful bookstore.
    You can tell the staff have curated the selection carefully..
    Really a joy to see the wide selection and quality. It has to be one of the better shops in America” more

  • Cowgirls


    “cowgirls was my go-to bar to have a guaranteed good time no matter the situation. the atmosphere is mostly post sports game-goers and goofy dudes but they know how to turn up when the crowd arrives. though the drinks may be a little overpriced, everything else makes up for it. weekends are the best…” more

  • Unicorn


    “You beautiful big (but not hefty! Just Husky!) unicorn bar! I love you. You’re amongst the rarest of all bars in Seattle and for a good reason! So polish that horn! (*sees a guy pervertedly smiling and whacks the guy in the head*) not that horn! And let’s prance to the gods road to nirvana!!.. or…” more

  • The 5th Avenue Theatre


    “Wonderful theater. Every production I’ve seen here has been excellent and the staff are wonderful and welcoming at each performance I’ve attended.” more

  • HoneyHole Sandwiches


    “Don’t ever name a place anything close to something that resembles “Glory Hole”, I’m just saying it may change the feeling on the night if you think you are going somewhere and then all of a sudden end up at a fabulous sandwich shop. Worth coming back to even if I was left a little unfulfilled on…” more

  • Redmond School of Glass


    “I got a groupon for an ornament class. I thought I always want to try to blow glass.. It was a fun experience and they helped you along the way to make sure that your piece will turn out good. It was pretty hot near the glory hole, so I think it’ll be awesome activities during winter time..:)” more

  • Waterwheel Lounge


    “. And once I’m done thinking, I am usually tired and need a nap. But when I think of a bar, I think of the Waterwheel Lounge – it’s the “glory hole” of Ballard. You may think it’s just a hole in the wall but, if you get closer, it will surprise you. Hopefully in a good way and hopefully you don’t…” more

  • Admiral Theatres


    “Admiral Theatres is really cool and I don’t know why it took me so long to try it! It is a smaller theater than your typical Regal or AMC, but they do have four screens and they play current movies.

    I watched the movie Parasite there. I didn’t want to pay $5 to rent it from Amazon Video and I…” more

  • Sonya’s Bar & Grill & Event Space


    “. Of course, very few remember the original Sonya’s location…where the Pacific Place Mall is now. It was pretty much a trailer that offered 2 for 1 steaks and had a dance bar/glory hole in the back so, despite the douchebags…Sonya’s has come a long way…and yes, everyone is still high in here.” more

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