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GG001 Lt Col. G.A. Custer, June 25, 1876
1/6 Scale Resin Bust $32.95 GG002  Capt George Yates 54mm                                $12.00 GG003  Private Martin Quincannon, 2nd US Cavalry, 1866, 1/6 Scale Resin Bust                                 $49.95 GG004  The Last Charge Of Private O’Reily, 1863                                $49.95 GG005 Lt. Col. G.A. Custer March, 1876 Full Dress Resin 1/9 Scale Bust Kit $34.95 GG007

Sgt. Butler’s Last Stand – June 25, 1876,

120mm Resin  $49.95 GG008

54mm Rio Grande Cavalry Officer Resin Kit (Foot)  $24.95 GG009

54mm Rio Grande Cavalry Officer Resin Kit (Mounted)  $35.95 GG010

100mm Captain Nathan Brittles, US Cavalry – includes resin Cavalry insignia $29.95 GG011 Lt. W.W. Cooke/US Cavalry Officer 1876 120mm Resin Kit with alternate Heads. $49.95 GG012 Cowboy With Trick Rifle 1/8 Scale resin Full Figure Kit $89.95 GG013 Cowboy with Trick Rifle 1/8 Scale resin BUST Kit $52.95 GG014 120mm Resin Royal Air Force Pilot, Battle Of Britain, 1940 $36.95 GG015 1/9 Scale resin Bust – George Armstrong Custer, 1864 $29.99 GG016 75mm Resin US Cavalry officer, 1880 (Optional heads and hands) $27.99 GG017 1/6 Scale Resin Bust Dodge City Deputy $36.95 GG018 120mm Resin Winter Dress US Cavalry Trooper – Alternate Heads for 7th Cavalry Trooper Or 10th Cavalry Buffalo Soldier. $47.99 GG019 45/54mm Western/ Victorian Woman or Youth Resin Kit  $12.99 GG020 120mm Resin Kit “Custer’s Fall”, 1876, Sculpted by Terry Karselis. $47.99 GG021 1/4 Scale resin “Mare’s Leg” Kit $13.99 GG022 1/4 Scale resin Winchester 1892 44/40 Rifle Kit $13.99 GG023 54mm resin Officer 24th Of Foot, 1879, Zulu Wars Kit $23.99 GG024 1/4 Scale Dual Weapons Kit – Mare’s Leg/Winchester 1892 44/40 Rifle $22.99 GG025 50mm resin “The Defiant Cavalier” US Cavalry Officer ACW or Plains Wars with Custom Base $16.99 GG026 50mm resin “The Defiant Cavalier” US Cavalry Officer ACW or Plains Wars with Downed Mount & Scenic Base $28.99 GG027 120mm Winter Dress US Cavalry Trooper Alternate Heads For uS 7th Cavalry Trooper or 10th Cavalry Buffalo Soldier

DELUXE Kit With Downed Mount.

$109.99 GG028 120mm Resin Downed cavalry Mount – Plains wars Or ACW $56.99 GG029 120mm Resin Sgt. Butler’s Last Stand.

DELUXE Kit with Downed Mount 

$109.99 GG030 54mm Resin US Cavalry Scout and Dog 1880’s      $31.99 GG031 120mm Resin Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer, Little Big Horn, June 25, 1876 (Base Not Included)      $47.99 GG032 Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer, Little Big Horn, 1876 DELUXE Kit With Downed Mount.      $109.99 GG033 75mm Resin Australian Light Horse Officer WW1    $27.99 GG034 54mm Resin George & Tom Custer “United In Death”   $34.99 GG035 “Soldier Blue”: 7th Cavalry Trooper, 1876″ 1/9 Scale resin Bust.      $30.00 GG036 54mm Resin The Price Of Glory $31.99 GG037 54mm Resin Captain Thomas Ward Custer $21.99 GG038 1/4 Scale Mexican Bandit, 1900 Bust  $79.99 GG039 90mm Colonel 1st Coldstream Guards, 1815 $34.95 GG040 75mm Victorian Police Sergeant Alex Tassell and Drumhorse Gendarme $74.99 GG041 100mm resin Colonel US Cavalry “The Horse Soldier” $34.95 GG042 75mm Resin Texas Ranger Gus & Pig $42.99 RD1001 Corporal William Wilson Allen, VC 24th Foot $23.95 RD1002 Trooper Robert S. Green, NMP,Trooper Henry Lugg, NMP Private William Roy 24th Foot $62.95 RD1003  Private John Williams (1395) 24th Foot $23.95 RD1004  Private William Jones (593) 24th Foot $23.95 RD1005 Private henry Hook, Private John Connolly 24th Foot $36.95 RD1006 Private Fredrick Hitch, 24th Foot $23.95 RD1007 Private Robert Jones, 24th Foot $23.95 RD1008 Mealy Bag Redoubt  $18.95 RD1009 Biscuit Box Redoubt   $18.95 RD10010 Lt. John Rouse marriot Chard, RE $23.95 RD10011 Lt. Gonville Bromhead 24th Foot $23.95 RD10012 Dr. James Henry Reynolds Army Medical Dept. & Wounded Trooper $54.99 RD10013 Colour Sgt. Frank Bourne 24th Foot $24.95 RD10014 James Langley Dalton & Walter A. Dunn, Commisariat Corps  $54.99 RD10015 Cpl. Ferdinand Scheiss NNC $24.99 RD10016 Pvt. Frederick Hitch 24th Foot Alternate Pose $24.99


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