Gloria’s Mixed Messages on Bry: ‘Too Progressive’ to GOP Voters; ‘Too Republican’ to Democratic Voters


Misleading advertising by Todd Gloria’s campaign is telling Republicans that Barbara is a progressive, and telling Democrats she is a conservative.

Mayoral candidate Todd Gloria can’t have it both ways. On one side, his campaign is sending out mailers to Republican voters touting her “progressive record”, with leading titles that say:

“Don’t believe the Republican lies … Barbara Bry has always been a champion for progressive causes.” This is being sent to Republicans.

On the other hand, Gloria’s campaign is mailing fliers to Democratic voters calling her, “Barbara Bry – The Republican Choice for Mayor”.

Both mailers are from the same group supporting Gloria: the Neighbors for Housing Solutions Supporting Todd Gloria for San Diego Mayor 2020.

In the mailer to GOP voters, they’re told Bry served on the Board of Directors of Planned Parenthood, and that over the years has donated more than $140,000 to Democratic candidates – icons of the “far left” – like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Kerry and Barbara Boxer. Plus, she “stood up to big business by pushing … new regulations at City Council.” Horrible, terrible!

And then to Democratic voters, their mailer had prominent photos and quotes by known conservative Republicans, like Dianne Jacob – who is at the top. Disgusting. Dianne Jacobs likes Bry! OMG! Jacobs has been a staunch GOP stalwart fighting the good fight in East County for decades.

Not much else has to be said. If Democratic voters saw the mailer sent to Republicans, they might like her. Plus, if the GOP’ers saw the other flier, they might check her on the ballot.


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