Gloria Reserva 2018 by Vicente Faria


If you are symptomatic or suspect that you may have come in contact with someone who is infected, please do not order from us. Our drivers are taking precautions, but we cannot put our drivers at risk.

We are experiencing a very large volume of orders and wait times have increased. In some areas we are not able to provide same day deliveries and you will see a schedule date selection on the checkout page.

Due to the longer wait times at the LCBO/TBS:

  • We are currently not accepting orders with more than 6 different products (line items in the cart), or 3 cases of beer, or more than 12 bottles of liquor/wine.
  • We are currently not accepting orders with more than $500 of product value.

Please also note:

  • Any customers in buildings must now meet us in the lobby. The only exception is if there is a mobility issue.
  • Some areas are running very low on stock. Expect substitutions. We will endeavour to call for the appropriate substitution, or find the best fit if we can’t reach you. If no substitutions are desired, please enter “if not available, do not substitute” in the extra information section when placing your order.
  • Large/complicated orders are subject to extra delivery times and/or scheduled for the following day.
  • We are suspending taking empties at this time.
  • At this time, we are not providing estimated times for delivery, or status updates.

If you’re concerned about physical contact, please note:

  • We still need to validate ID and see that the person that ordered is actually there.
  • We can accept ID verification through a glass door. You can leave funds on the porch, and we can drop the product on the porch after the ID verification has been completed.

If at any point we suspect things are going to change, we will aim to inform everyone as quickly as possible.

Stay safe, and thanks for your understanding.
The Beer Guy Staff


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