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Tradition has it that six Logan brothers came to America from Scotland and landed on the shores of Virginia. they separated and went their separate ways. due to the lack of communications they lost track of one another. However we know one David M. Logan settled in Tennessee, married and raised a family.

For generations before any of them came to America, they had been plain people in Ireland, accustomed to rely upon themselves for their individual respectability as well as for the means of subsistence, and were sturdily independent. Their tradition is that their ancestor was a Presbyterian who fled from Ayrshire to escape the persecutions of John Grahame, the Bloody Claverhouse, and. with others of his name and kindred, found shelter and refuge among the protestant plantations in the North of Ireland. Urugan was the locality of his home. In the following years, descendants of this one found their way to Pennsylvania, whose Colonial treasurer, James Logan, for whom the Mingo Chief was named was, in no distant degree, their kinsman. To of these, James and David Logan, soom left Pennsylvania and settled in Augusta County. They were very nearly related; it is believed that they were brothers. They were both young when they went to Virginia, and both were soldiers in the French and Indian Wars: their names appear upon the official lists. James settled near the new Providence Church, in what is now Rockbridge County.

David Logan, the other of these two emigrant brothers married when young , in Pennsylvania. He probably went to Virginia early in 1740. (to be continued)


Pat Coursey, Doyle Hedrick, Susie and George Hedrick, Clyde Hedrick, Gladys Grade


Left to Right: Terry Grade, Keith Hedrick, Gloria Grade, Patricia Hedrick, Cheryl Hedrick, Mickey Hedrick, Lanny Grade

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