For Greater Glory The True Story of Cristiada [Hindi] (2012)


For Greater Glory The True Story of Cristiada [Hindi] (2012) – Dubbed

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For Greater Glory The True Story of Cristiada [Hindi] (in Dubbed Hollywood Movies)

For Greater Glory The True Story of Cristiada [Hindi] (2012) – Download Movie for mobile in best quality 3gp and mp4 format. Also stream For Greater Glory The True Story of Cristiada [Hindi] on your mobile, tablets and ipads

Plot: What price would you pay for freedom? In the exhilarating action epic FOR GREATER GLORY, an impassioned group of men and women make the decision to risk it all for family, faith and country. This film unfolds the (hidden) true story of 1920’s Cristeros War. Written by Dos Corazones Films


145 min

Release Date:

20 Apr 2012


Mauricio Kuri


Adrian Alonso


Rubén Blades


Catalina Sandino Moreno


Eduardo Verástegui


Dean Wright


Drama, History, War, Western,




IMDb Rating:


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    Top IMDb Reviews (Caution: May contain spoliers)

    The True Mexican Revolution, a Family Remembers (by willmuench)
    This historical chapter plays close to home as my great-grandfather was morally involved and supported the resistance. He was a founder and active participant of the Knights of Columbus in Mexico City. This society played an active financial role in the rebellion. Our family business was also affected by this persecution in Mexico, as he could not sell his most important products, which at the time were altar candles for the churches. In the early years of this escalating situation, my great grandfather, a deeply religious man and friend of the church, hid at his candle factory, church

    artwork and religious valuables to keep them from being plundered and destroyed by government officials.On more than one occasion, based on anonymous tips, government troops personally led by General Plutarco Elías Calles, raided both my great-grandfathers business and his home, looking for firearms and the illegal church valuables that he was hiding. Unable to find anything, the General made my great-grandfather kneel to the ground and shoved his pistol into the back of my great-grandfathers head. Why he never pulled the trigger or why they were never able to find anything either at the candle factory or at his home, was all God’s work. At my great-grandfather’s home, there were firearms in plain sight standing behind the open doors to the inner rooms… supplied to him by the US Embassy in Mexico City.This world is really-really small… as fate would have it be, my brother-in-law married the great-granddaughter of General Plutarco Elías Calles… Although my father knows about this, I never mentioned anything to my grandfather about the subject… Thank God nothing more serious ever happened… there are absolutely no ill-feelings between us, and it sure makes a heck-of-a-good family story for generations to come! I hope you have an opportunity to see the movie, it is an important chapter of Mexican history which has been institutionally hidden for almost 100 years now.

    One of the Best Films of 2012 if not THE Best (by DUKEJBM)
    An under the radar film about a subject I knew nothing about that absolutely floored me. It’s a high quality film with flat out superb performances that makes you contemplate and appreciate faith and freedom like few films have ever managed to convey. Yes, it is a faith based film. If that offends some, then this isn’t the movie or the subject for you. Unlike other faith based efforts, this effort is not cheesy or ham-fisted or even preachy.It’s the tale of the Cristeros War 1926-1929 ; a war by the people of Mexico against the Mexican government who cracked down in brutal ways

    against the Catholic Church and against religious freedom in general. Andy Garcia is Oscar level good here as General Gorostieta, a man with limited faith who responds and masterfully leads the fight for freedom. It’s intense and, at times, surprisingly violent and impactful. This movie delivers real emotion and doesn’t dodge tough questions about faith. It delivers an exceptional balance of showing why people behave and choose to engage in certain behaviors even when such behavior is contrary to the core of their belief system.One thing is certain; no one who has faith will take it or their religious freedom for granted after watching and EXPERIENCING this film. That’s how it registered with me at any rate.

    A terrific movie with heart! (by tina-991-234851)
    A film with heart. It tells the story of the “Cristiada Wars” from the perspective of those fighting for religious freedoms taken away by President Calles, an atheist, who wanted to eradicate what he felt were the corrupting influences of Catholicism in his country. The film depicts what happens when a government oversteps its bounds and tramples on people’s way of life, and certainly Catholicism in Mexico had already become culturally entrenched. The film is beautifully made with virtuosic cinematography, an outstanding musical score, and with many wonderful performances. Andy

    Garcia carries weight as General Gorostieta, and I particularly enjoyed Oscar Isaac as the cynical “El Catorce.” The film delicately weaves in other contemporaneous complexities involving the US government and Mexcio without losing sight of the heart of the story, with a terrifically understated performance by Bruce Greenwood as the U.S. Ambassador. As someone who was once Catholic but is no longer practicing, I do not see this as a religious propaganda film, but as a film depicting a people fighting to maintain their way of life and refusing to let a government tell them they can’t live what they believe. It is indeed a story from the point of view of people fighting for their faith, but I do not agree with critiques that accuse the filmmakers of creating “propaganda.” This is the disadvantage films from the point of view of religious people have – that some secularists immediately and unfairly will label them “propaganda.” With such a broad application of the term all film making is to some degree propaganda; after all, there is no drama without “taking a side.” As someone who dislikes religion, I did not feel that this was a film that aims to proselytize, but rather one that reveals a period of Mexican history that few people know about within the context of a riveting drama.

    Beautiful film (by mcentanni-351-279901)
    This film which I have now seen twice is a technically beautiful film which tells the story of the Cristeros War in Mexico. Based on true events, the movie tells the story of an atheist General who leads Catholic fighters against the socialist atheist revolutionary government of Mexico. It also tells the story of a 10 year old boy who leaves his home to fight for the faith and a Catholic priest who must come to terms with his faith and with his desire for revenge.The film is shot on location in Mexico and is really cinematically beautiful. There are some disturbing scenes which show the

    brutality of the Mexican government as well as amazingly uplifting and moving scenes depicting the faith of those fighting.This is certainly a film which certain people don’t want seen. All the more reason to go and see it. This film is doesn’t sugar coat the actions of either side but shows war for what it is — always brutal and many times necessary.Andy Garci give a great performance but it is the boy who plays Jose who steals the show. An amazing performance that is worth seeing.

    Chilling True Story every of faith or not should know about. (by dadofkart)
    This movie is about a time in history that I had not heard of. It is a chronicle of the Cristeros War 1926-1929 , which was touched off by a rebellion against the Mexican government’s attempt to secularize the country. This is the story about a time when the Mexican Government tried to to shut down the practice of the Catholic faith in it’s country, and how the Catholics took up arms literally there are priest shooting guns to defend the freedom of religion. There are very disturbing scenes in which the government troops attack Catholic churches during Mass and kill priests in the

    sanctuary. There is also some disturbing scenes with the torture and killing of some ten-year old boys. It should probably get a R-Rating for this content. I think this is an important movie for everyone to see because it shows what happens when the government tries to shut down the freedom of religion, and it also shows what is the result of fighting for your beliefs. There are some eerie parallels to what is happening today. The message deals seriously with the issues of non-violent vs. violent protesting, what it means to have faith or not and confession. The movie portrays the various characters dealing with these issues in a few different ways.

    Ignore RottenTomatoes – this is a great movie w/great message (by davo-10)
    As a Catholic very concerned about the anti-Catholic direction of our society, I wanted to see For Greater Glory. But after reading the reviews on RottenTomatoes, I assumed it would be a good message poorly presented. I could not have been farther from the truth. This was a excellent movie – especially for a directorial debut. Even if you are not Catholic you will find this movie very moving and well done. Andy Garcia is excellent – he even shows intense emotions. Mauricio Kuri had an outstanding rookie performance. Nestor Carbonell’s role was perfect for him. Peter O’Toole was a

    wonderful surprise if short lived. Ignore RottenTomatoes – you will not be disappointed!

    Which side are you on? (by emenezes)
    “For Greater Glory” is an amazing film. It’s an inspiring retelling of the the Cristeros War against the Mexican government for its having outlawed the Catholic Church and its executions and massacres of those who dared to live out their religious freedom.The cast is top-notch and the direction pretty competent, keeping the story weaved among intimate scenes and battle scenes. Filled with poignant moments of the lives of the protagonists and of those close to them and with the heroic – as well as less than heroic – skirmish scenes.It’s a movie about taking sides

    courageously, how conflicting this can be in a man’s conscience, especially when it involves the spilling of blood. If anything, the personal struggle of many characters getting into this war and carrying it out made the film shine. From the young boy who faced martyrdom for the Catholic faith – Jose Sanchez del Rio, beatified in 2005 – to his uncle, a cowardly mayor too enamored of power to save him.I cannot help thinking how timely this film is when the Church and Catholics – for now – are again being curtailed in their freedoms by a government with its own agenda, this time the American government trying to limit the Church’s ministry and to force Catholics to violate their consciences. Like Calles, Obama has presented the same arguments to justify his unjustifiable actions against the Church, Catholics and their institutions. It’s government might over faith, the collective over the individual, an usurpation of the state to serve not the people, but an ideology.PS: disregard most professional critics’ reviews for they seem to have a chip on their shoulder so big that it blinds them to the artistic and cinematographic qualities of this film.

    A film that should be seen and discussed (by aspatulablogspotcom)
    This is a movie about heroes who stood up for freedom – in this case, religious freedom. It’s not easy to make a heroic film, but this movie comes reasonably close. There are a few awkward camera movements, and some of the younger actors don’t always make the most convincing performances. However, the overall effort is quite moving and convincing. Considering these events actually happened and these are historical figures not fictional characters makes the movie that much more compelling. Some reviewers have argued that the movie is “too Catholic.” Considering these were

    Catholics fighting, eventually, fighting violently, for their freedoms, these criticisms reveal more about the reviewers’ prejudices and biases than it does about the film. This is an important, thought-provoking film about freedom that should be seen and discussed.

    In For Greater Glory the Price of Freedom is Sacrifice (by theauntsavant)
    There’s no greater measure for ‘separation of church and state’ than the just-released film For Greater Glory, which poses the question: What price would you pay for freedom? Billed as an action epic, the powerfully riveting faith-based drama reconstructs factual events surrounding the 20th century Mexican revolt led by devout Catholics against the federal government for freedom of religion, known as the Cristeros War. From 1926 to 1929, the civil resistance escalated into a bloody battle before the United States intervened. Included among the Cristeros highlighted for heroic

    efforts—those who zealously resisted the anti-clerical laws in the name of Cristo Rey Christ the King —was retired General Enrique Gorostieta.Oscar-nominated Cuban-born actor Andy Garcia portrays the general as a man of little faith, who ultimately goes against the militia to become a fierce leader of the grassroots rebellion. The depth of emotion evoked by newcomer Mexican native Mauricio Kuri’s commercial film debut as the adolescent martyr Jose Luis Sanchez del Rio, whom courageously refused to denounce his sacred allegiance to the cause at all cost, will move you regardless of your religious affiliation. He was beatified declared holy by Pope Benedict XVI in 2005. “It’s a story that had to be told,” said producer and fellow Mexican Pablo Jose Barroso of the English-language movie shot-on-location and formerly titled Cristiada for foreign-speaking audiences. “For Greater Glory is not about Catholicism but about a piece of Mexican history that not many people know about, even many Mexicans, including myself,” Barroso added. “We wanted a deep, non-preachy message.” If opening at No.1 in Mexico is any indication, American viewers too, will know of the unconscionable atrocities suffered by some 50,000 valiant rebels, including those among them who sacrificed their lives in what’s been called ‘the daring people’s revolt.’ Panamanian actor/musician Reuben Blades is ruthless President Elias Calles. Veteran actor and Honorary Academy Award recipient Peter O’Toole plays a priest that befriends young Jose Luis but is assassinated for non-compliance with sacrilegious laws enforced by the Federales. Eva Longoria stars opposite Garcia as his emotionally torn wife along with an international ensemble of actors and actresses that helped bring this dark chapter in the history of Mexico’s Republic to a world audience. Besides Mexican heritage, many of the cast and crew share a Catholic upbringing as well. According to a letter Garcia reportedly received from the general’s granddaughter thanking him for honoring Gorostieta’s part in the insurgence Calles downplayed so much that it’s still not spoken about in Mexico today, purportedly due to fear of opening old wounds. Formal relations with the Vatican were not re-established until 1992.

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