Episode 31 What’s The Story Morning Glory?


Pocket God


– Open the story screen

– Watch a story in the story mode

– Create a story

– Unplug the drain in the underwater area

– Send the pygmy down the drain

– Play the Pain Drain mini-game

– Spike the pygmy in the Pain Drain

Look For The BookOpen The Story Screen.

Open up the menu and tap on Create Stories.

This box then appears. Close it.Boy, The Pygmies Can Act!Watch A Story In Story Mode.

Open this page again and tap on a story title.

A story will then come up on the screen. You can either watch all of it or close it.Exercise Your CreativityCreate A Story.

Go back to this page and click on the tab called Create.

Tap on the dark blue area and name your story. You can continue creating a story or just close it.See If You Can Empty The Ocean.Unplug The Drain In The Underwater Area.

Go to this place on the map.

Select the Pain Drain Game through the menu.

Drag the plug up and out of the hole. It will sink back slowly.A Downward SpiralSend The Pygmy Down The Drain + Play The Pain Drain Mini-Game + Spike The Pygmy In The Pain Drain.

Pull the plug out and add a pygmy near the drain. It will then get sucked in.

You then play the mini-game by tilting your device left or right. To get a high score, don’t let the pygmy get crushed or land on the spikes.

Just let your pygmy get crushed.

This unlocks the Story Book.


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