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Eden’s Glory is a home where survivors of human trafficking are restored to thrive for the praise and glory of God. We offer a Christ-centered two-year residential individualized treatment program for adult women, ages 18 and older who are survivors of human


  • We are committed to pursuing the glory of God in all work.
  • We are committed to strength-based, trauma-informed care.
  • We are committed to a Christ-centered approach to healing and restoration.
  • We are committed to ongoing development of community partnerships.
  • We are committed to ongoing efforts to train and equip members of society in the areas of awareness, mobilization, prevention, rescue, and restoration.

Who we serve

The women we serve can come from across the country or in
our own neighborhood, coming out of exploitative situations where their
bodies have been used and sold for the benefit and profit of others.
Through lies and manipulation, beatings and abuse, loss and trauma,
these women have often lost all sense of self and pride, giving up on
dreams they once held for the future. They are in need of extensive
medical and mental health treatment to begin the long journey of
recovery. Their needs may be broad but as soon as they are willing and
able, the staff at Eden’s Glory want to come alongside them in their journey and recovery.

Our women come to Eden’s Glory by way of various agencies across the country: FBI; Homeland Security; rescue organizations like Out of Darkness (Atlanta) or Healing Action (St. Louis); even word of mouth from persons who know of our services.

For these women, we are offering space and unique opportunity to address the hurt and lies and see Truth instead. Our home offers space for FOUR women to enter a home focused on healing in a community and family environment. We intentionally keep the environment small in reflection that Jesus too fed the 5000 but stopped and healed the individual. We dig in and deeply walk with these women so that they may fully heal in order to thrive.

What we do

The women we invite to stay at Eden’s Glory are our honored guests and

are invited to stay up to 2 years. Our posture is Radical Hospitality and we strive to love deeply and consistently. We are a Christ centered program, letting the residents know that healing doesn’t come from us but solely through Jesus.

The two years are completely free of cost to them. We want them to focus their first year working diligently, with out distraction, on themselves: we provide space and time and guidance for them to work on their emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental health. The second year we begin to explore preparing them to succeed in pursuing their hopes and dreams.

“This isn’t a program its a way of life” –Eden’s Glory Resident

A Bit of our History

A team of passionate people
gathered in a dining room the Fall of 2012 and began fighting modern slavery in
Bond County, Illinois. Beginning with learning together about human
trafficking and exploring their community they were faced with a
community unaware of trafficking. This team became a Set Free Movement
task force and spearheaded efforts to see a community transformed and in
pursuit of a Zero Tolerance [for injustices] Community. Within three
years significant engagement had taken place through the team’s effort
to network, educate, and mobilize a community. The team continues to
work within five primary constructs: AWARENESS, MOBILIZATION, PREVENTION, RESCUE, and

While being birthed out of the Set Free Movement ethos,
the work has expanded to the formation of a restoration home for
survivors of trafficking called Eden’s Glory. This home is the result of
effective community engagement and is a Christ-centered two-year
residential treatment program serving adult women, ages 18 and older. As
of October 2014, Illinois only had 8 beds available to trafficking
victims; Eden’s Glory initially added 4 beds to that number. The Set
Free Movement and Eden’s Glory are partnering with a wide variety of
organizations working holistically to pave the way to hope and healing
for survivors.


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