Casio & PAC-MAN Relive Arcade Glory Days in New Collaboration


Two icons of Japanese design are coming together for a collaboration that takes us right back to the glory days of arcades. While we are used to collaborations from the most separated entities, this link-up makes complete sense in an industry often lacking it. Ignore those forgettable Fortnight collabs because Casio is going to the very heart of gaming. The Japanese watch giant is releasing their recent reissue of the F-100 digital watch, the A100WEPC, in a PAC-MAN-themed update that looks like it came straight from the neon ’80s streets of Akihabara.

There is no need to preach to the choir on the relevance of PAC-MAN, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment’s 1980’s hit game, or Casio’s place in the digital watch game. You know how they roll. So let us get right into the 8-bit details. The template for this collab is the A100WEPC with its unique four-button layout inspired by the 1978 F-100 digital watch. Adorning the face is the arcade hero PAC-MAN bearing down on those persistent co-conspirators, the ghosts, in super detailed replication of the in-game action. The gold-plated watch case resembles the PAC-MAN arcade game cabinets, and the watchband is also cutely laser etched with in-game scenes of both PAC-MANS hunt and retreat from those pesky ghosts. For an added touch of class, the case back also features etched details from the iconic game.

In true Casio style, the packaging also carries a multitude of fun PAC-MAN references delivering a full retro-gaming treat to Casio and PAC-MAN fans alike.

The Casio A100WEPC x PAC-MAN is out now and can be purchased here.

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