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Our faith is constantly put to the test by differe

…nt challenges of life, be it lack, sickness, failure or rejection. These seemingly dry seasons leave us demoralised and challenge how we see God, but through it all God is aware and has a great plan for you.

When the Israelites were going through a dry season and were demoralised, God instructed Prophet Haggai to declare to the people that “the glory of the present house shall be greater than that of the former house”. This is God’s great promise for His children. God has greater plans for our future, plans that exceed all that we believe to be of great value today.

In our journey through life, we accrue things and enter into relationships that were never meant for us. When God changes our story, there is a shaking, so that whatever that does not belong may fall off. During this period, we may experience various

challenges. You call it a dry season, but in God’s divine plans, it is an elevation season. A dry season is a time to reflect.

God can use absolutely anything, even what seems silly or foolish, to elevate us. Saul’s disobedience towards God elevated David to become king of Israel. Saul made a silly mistake, but because God rewards the obedient, his demotion was David’s promotion. God allows silly mistakes to be there to provide opportunities to grow you, to elevate you. For your levels to go higher, there must be a shaking, and you need to capitalize on such. The problem is we get demoralised and fail to see opportunities in those silly mistakes. Elevation season is bound to come if you are looking for growth.

Remember if you can dream it, you can do it, you only need to believe it.

Haggai 2: 1 – 9; Romans 8: 18;
1 Samuel 15: 1 – 26 Mehr anzeigen


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