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This happened a couple years ago but is one of the many highlights of my d&d career. I was playing Axel Bladeborn, was a human fighter paladin born of pillagers. He grew up being taught how to raid and destroy but also justice and righteousness. He joined the party on a quest to destroy an evil half dragon gaining army of dragons. We were sent on a quest to fight an evil red dragon that’s a high ranking lieutenant in the half dragon’s army. We began to fight the dragon and party members were falling down. As Axel watched his companions fall,he sent out a prayer for assistance from the gods. He was then clad in the bloddy armor of Tempus and was given basically a god tier version of haste. He defeated the dragon and in cave there was a red sword. It was a homebrew magic sword that encompassed the power of a red dragon.

As we returned from our battle, the city we used as a base of operation was under siege by drow from the under dark. Axel gathered stray soliders and civilians,raided the barracks for supplies and lead them into battle. We took early losses but began to turn the tide when the party got fully involved .We fought hard a defeated the invaders.However,an illithid made his way out from the shadows and began to attack

the party. The militia Axel had formed retreated in fear. That didn’t stop the party,as we destroyed the illithid. The party was treated as war heros after this and we continued our separate quest.

We continued on our journey,and our team grew in power. We were taking down evil dragons up until it was time for the final battle. All 4 of us were level 20 and wielded a dragon sword. We entered the cave to see the half dragon wielding the gold and bronze dragon swords. We began our fight and it was close. Fireballs flew, swords clashed and armor broke but in the end we had lost. Axel in his last moments,prayed to tempus for the strength to defeat this evil. That was when he entered a dream-like state and met Tempus. Tempus told Axel that his years of worship and training have proven him to be the true avatar of tempus. With a touch of Axel’s forehead,he erected from his state of unconsciousness and raised his team. They each attacked and seemingly weakened the half dragon. Axel raised his blade of war and with a divine smite,took down the half dragon.he smited his limp body until nothing was left. After this grand victory, he returned to his people as the champion of Tempus


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