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Police said that they had arrived at the same husband was destroyed was crying. crying. I I was was was lying lying lying on on on the the the body body body body of of of of seemingly. seemingly seemingly seemingly inconsolable. inconsolable. inconsolable. There was a lot of speculation why would you be looking for a snake on a cold night? Why was there someone standing in front of a loaded firearm? Why would you have your finger on the trigger? Mister Sleeper selected a 12 gauge gun, which is far more powerful than you would need to kill a snake that would be totally totally unsuitable unsuitable to to fire fire fire at at at close close close quarters, quarters, quarters, quarters, particularly. particularly particularly particularly for for for firing firing firing at at at the the. the ground. ground. We’re talking about the death of a woman who’s been shot in the back at point blank range with a shotgun I felt fully enslaved, but even though I didn’t know her, we’re talking about the loss of a human life. I expected it to be some police action, but there wasn’t.


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