Australian Story – Marlion Pickett’s road to premiership glory | Australian Story


Some people say what happened to me is a fairy tale, but but but it it it was was was was if if if. if if if if if you’re you’re you’re you’re looking looking looking looking for for for for. a a a change change change and and and a a. a better better life life than. than. up up up to to to you you you if if if you you you. wanna wanna change change it. it. I didn’t just partying drinking drugs and ended up getting to crawl. I love football. Good feeling. You’re good at it. Yeah. So, At WRI indigenous boy that has experienced what he has done. I would have just thought this is all too hard. There’s no way this is gonna work. I mean it was several different clubs. West Coast frame Gold Coast, Coast, but but but I’ve I’ve. I’ve I’ve looked looked looked every every every year. year year. probably just. Mommy more angry that they’re still worried about my past people make mistakes in life and you can change and turn your life around and lost all about getting second chances and and becoming becoming a a better better better person person person person and and and and Marlon’s Marlon’s Marlon’s Marlon’s Marlon’s done done. done done done that that that that we we we we put put put put. you you you in in in 20. 20. 20. First game Brother Congratulations. Whoa. What about that a full 360 in slow down? This is like a fairy tale. This couldn’t happen. couldn’t we couldn’t have a kid that’s been in jail 27 years of age, playing his first game in in front front of of of a hundred thousand. a hundred thousand, a hundred thousand. he he He could could could not not not not possibly possibly possibly possibly. kick kick kick a a a goal. goal. goal. goal. That’s That’s That’s an an an incredible incredible incredible story. story. story. It’s hard to believe it happened.


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