The Testimony Of A Drug Addict That Could Not Die

Blessed To Be An In-House Evangelist

God Is Real And Heaven Is Real!  I’ve
Seen Both!

If You Are Being Abused, You Are Not Alone

A New Perspective On Healing

“Through the Eyes of A Child” – A Photographer’s Journey

God Healed Me Of

The Journey

Irreplaceable – Spiritual Insights From A
Wise Old Oak Tree

I Found God … Again

My Greatest Test

I Finally Found The Peace Of God

The Fruit of “Saying The Word

Deliverance And Healing From Prescription Medications

Praising God For The Gas To Get To Work

Divine Intervention From Suicide

In The Valley Of The Shadow

Exposing The Huge Lie

Great Idea!
– Giving
Away Real Life Stories Books

As Halloween Gifts


Life Was Good
(So Why Did I Feel So Empty?)

Three Miracles

Tried By Fire

Lonely Cabin On The

God’s Vision To A Young Man

Holiness Brings Happiness

Confessions Of A
Courageous 16 Year Old


Discovering A
Safe Place That Will Always Last

The Catholic

Encounter With Mormons

Signs From God

Teen Challenge
Students Giving God Glory 

What Is Life?
Very Short!

It’s Just
You And Me

Creation Calls – Are You Listening?

Jesus Came To Me In

Combat Veterans And
Anger Management

Kneeling With My
Precious Daughter

I Will Never Leave You

(Turn On Sound)

Tribute To

Just The RIGHT Vehicle

Unseen Man

Surviving A Bear Attack
Near Glacier Park!

(For those who could use a laugh)

Mom’s Hell And Heaven Encounter

My Dream Of The Rapture

Speak Up While You Can

(An amazing healing testimony)

A Precious Faithful
Warrior Has Been Promoted!

Talk About Being Blessed –
You ‘Gotta Hear This!
As Long As I’m Alive … Someone Needs

Reaching For Chicken Feathers –
Going “Ouch!

PUSH – Pray Until Schizophrenia Heals

Red Zone

Update – Grand Rapids

(Christian testimonies of God in ACTION!)

Dying On The Inside
– Chapter 15 – REAL LIFE STORIES

Evidence Of A Changed

More Than We Could Ask Or

I Was A Child Satan
Didn’t Want Born

What Spiritual Octane Is
The Gas You Are Using?  It TRULY Matters!

Don’t Give Up – Look UP!

When You Must Say Goodbye
To Your Child

The Devastation Of
Bottled-Up Anger

When Your Are Lonely & Desperate For Love & Acceptance – BEWARE!

Understanding Reasons For
Being Gay – Lesbian

Love on a Dusty Road

(How God revealed His love to the Director of this ministry)

God Loves And Accepts You!

Redemption and
Deliverance From Sex, Pain and Deception

Storm Warning

The Amazing Results Of A
40-Day Fast

Determined To Be Restored-God Is My Weapon

To Accomplish It!

The Attack Is On


Numerous Healings From
CBN (The 700 Club)

Delivered From Over 50 Years Of Chronic


The Joy Of My Salvation

Rewards Of Joy In Heaven

“The Potter’s Wheel”

Playing With Death

Is Hell Real?

(How I got MY

Writings of Mary E. Adams

Sexual Purity At Marriage

My Beautiful Bride

Ouija Board – Gateway To The Demonic

Pornography Widow

The Chris Norris Angel Rescue

The Timothy Hamilton Healing Miracle

Blast That Schizophrenia Demon Out!

At Peace When Tragedy Knocked

How God Has Healed My Marriage

God’s Protection

Incredible Bible Miracle
(Can The Bible
Be Trusted?)

God and Dad’s Plymouth

Divorced In Heart No More

Desperation: A
Secret to Trusting
the Lord?

In The Canadian Wilderness

The Hitchhiker

Love on a Dusty Road

Real Hunters Love Burned Bacon

Dad…Jesus is Here!

God Helped us to Survive

Life isn’t Easy when you’re on the Bottom

Our Marriage Encounter

Let Jesus Carry Your Load

The Day Satan Lost Our Family

He Loved Me Anyway

What ABOUT Speaking In Tongues??

I Shall Live And Not Die!

Are You Searching For Meaning in Life?

LEAVES Represent People In Your Life

I Sing Because I’m Happy!

Rescued Salmon

Ministering Spirits

Momma Got Groceries

Miraculously Healed of Cancer!

He Never Gave Up On Me…

You Don’t Have to Understand…

Healing Using “The
Prayer of Faith”

Beware of the Thief!

Wild At Heart

You Are So Blessed!

The Child of Destiny

Laying Up Rewards In Heaven

Encounter With An Angel in Prison?

Victory Over Depression

His Plan For Marriage

I Felt Betrayed by God

The Banking Connection

First Bow And Arrow Whitetail Buck

 Is God REALLY In Control?

911 New York City

God Said No

The Burger King Man

United Parcel Service Now Delivers To

Fibromyalgia: Helping Others


God Removed A Blockage From My Heart


A Precious Faithful Warrior Has Been


All that we do in this life comes back to our God-given purpose which is to
serve and glorify God. The money and assets we accumulate, the fame and power
we’ve attained or seek to attain – all of the things of this nature will one day
pass away, but those lives of others we impact for Jesus Christ will
last for eternity, and we will be rewarded for the part we helped play by
impacting those lives … for eternity.

our assurance.)

If God Can Save Me, He Can Save Anyone!

Homesick For Heaven

What’s The Story Of Your Life?

Health Is Real Wealth And Not Silver And Gold

A Crucial Key In Getting Victory Over Sin

Delivered From Addictions By The Man In The Light

How Can I
Pray For You?

God’s Priority Is People – Not Our Achievements

Amber Was Taken To Heaven So Many Others Would End Up There

Cleaned Up My Mess

It Takes The Right Artist

Exercising Faith – Don’t Stop!

Routine Surgery Opens Door To Heaven

Can One
Unconfessed Sin Keep You From Receiving A Full Reward?

Stay In The Boat With God

God’s Divine Hand Of Healing

Jesus Delivered Me From Meth

Kidnapped At
Knifepoint Yet Miraculously Freed

A Severe Injury Got My Attention Back On The Lord!

Testimonies About People In

Can Affect Your Destiny

The Snare Of The Trapper

Help For
Schizophrenia – Weekly Ministry Encouragers

Did God Die?

No Taxes Required

Being Honest About Our

Don’t Kill The Messenger’s Message

(“Forgive YOURSELF!”)

From Playground To Battleground


It Is Gone!

I Could Not Afford Anything

Though I’m Physically Blind – Now
I See Spiritually

So You Wanna Tip-Toe
Down To The Far Country?

Speak From Your Heart

Matt’s Christmas Story

Humbling Shofar Testimonies

We Pass From Death Unto Life…Because We Love

Jim LaDuke: Testimony Of
God’s Healing Power

My Experience With Daniel

Imperfect Vessel

Suicide Is Not The Way Out!

A Woman’s Struggle W/Her
Husband’s Sexual Sin

Unbeatable Trio: Christ –
Love – Forgiveness

Miraculously Healed Of 17
Cancer Spots!

Obedience Made The Difference

(Delivered from homosexuality)

His Reflection

He Raised Me Up

God Still Allows “Job Encounters”

Easier Isn’t Always Better

Jesus Has
Carried Me Through – Again!

Laboring For One Thing…The Face Of The

Nobody Ever
Asked John To Come

A Season For Clovers

A Thanksgiving Legacy

I No Longer Have To
Prove Myself!

No Matter How Deep
The Pit, God Is Even Deeper!

Near Death (or Real
LIFE?!) Experience

Addicted To The Porn Monster!

Forgiven Yet Sexually

Freed From A
Homosexual Lifestyle

Love We Shared Keeps Touching Others

The Half-Inch Spanner

Michael Hsu – “The First Fight”

Legalistic, Alcoholic
Preacher Set Free!

Sexual Addiction/Part 2

911 “Terrorist” Attack

Faced With Life
A Taste Of Heaven

A Grandfather’s

I Saw Jesus!

Sharing More than a Ride

Delivered from Fear Now!

fear?  Read THIS one!)

Unknown Soldiers

The Bullet Miracle

I Hate God

(Interestingly, this
“letter” is one of the MOST read)

Our Miracle Baby

My Little Boy’s Miracle

From Underground to Royalty

Anita’s Faith Walk-A Success

Thank You Mom And

A Woman Of Virtue

Prayer Kept Him From Dying

My Mountains

Freed To Forgive

Struck Down But Not Defeated!

To My Precious “Janie”

Greater Health God’s Way

Putting My Life Back Together

Blind Faith
Down The Middle Sister

(An amazing
encounter about trust)

The Bill Has
Been Paid

Are You Busy As A

From The Dead

Never Too Late!

Bible Miracle

(Not sure you can
TRUST the Bible?)

No Jacket Required…

Extra! Read All About It!

Divine Protection

It’s Been Fun With God!!

It’s In the Valleys I Grow!!

The Night I Got Sifted By The Devil

(Not convinced demons are real?)

Do You Believe In Miracles?

Surviving the 81st Floor of World Trade Tower Two


Keys To Go Vroom Vroom!


Facing Life’s Trials

Set Free & Loving It!

Set Free From Childhood Abuse

Please Let Me Die!!


Tribute To A Hunter

The Concert

Thanksgiving By Mary E. Adams

How Can I Find God?

Jesus Has Given Me The Sign

Holding The Baby

My Father’s Day Testimony

Kingdom Tears

I Want To Die!

If God Doesn’t Answer My Prayers … Why Even Pray?


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