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Hi y’all. A little about me: My name is Megi Trahan. I was born and raised in a little ol’ village called Maurice, Louisiana. I was a very fortunate girl and had a good life growing up, but God had bigger things in store. I did the typical college thing, graduated, and was off to start working in the real world. I was very fortunate and landed a great job in the oilfield as a Landman for about 4 years or so. During that time as a Landman, I went through a break up of 4 and a half years (insert important note here: with a woman) that changed my life in the best possible way- I was in so much pain and God used that pain to let me totally surrender to HIS plan for my life. I can honestly FEEL it now when people say his plans are better than our own. He has been working very quickly, doing things I could have never imagined for me but all to glorify him! One of the many blessings so far is that this past July he called me to become a full time missionary with Family Missions Company out of the town right next to me- Abbeville, Louisiana. I made a commitment to serve for 2 years in a foreign country. For our first year the directors of the company discern exactly where they feel the Lord is calling us and that place for me was Tanzania, Africa!! I can’t wait to see all what He has in store and I feel so very blessed to be able to share this journey with you all.. Love you all, and so does he! 


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